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I used to live in Kent and I went to university in Lincoln. Now I understand that for everyone reading, those are, in themselves, Earth shattering facts but stay with me. 790 more words

Fitness Motivation from a WW2 hero

Motivation, it is what drives each and everyone of us. It can be anything, but why do so many of us lack motivation for the gym? 688 more words


If Winnipeg was a beer, this is the kind of beer it would be...

So, with the NHL season getting underway this week, I was looking for a beer to drink when the Flames played the Jets. Since they returned to Winnipeg a few years back, I have not found an appropriate alcohol to associate with this franchise…until I was browsing the craft beer section of my local LCBO last week, and I came across this British brew: 94 more words

Triple B: Burgers, Bacon & Beer

Woodhall Spa - September 2017

There’s much of our home county to explore due to its size, and this weekend we ventured to Woodhall Spa. The main reason was that we wanted to be closeish to Lincoln and Woodhall Spa was somewhere where we haven’t been before. 442 more words

Easy Elsie

Meer informatie over Easy Elsie? More information about Easy Elsie? 273 more words


Preview: Woodbine Mile

11.34 Woodbine: Grade 1 Woodbine Mile, 1m

A quick one for the night’s racing in Canada – after contemplating over it the whole day I finally came to the conclusion that Lancaster Bomber is a “good thing” in the Woodbine Mile. 186 more words


Reality bubbles, mouldy chocolate cake and a fusion reactor: the things I'm enjoying the most

So an update on my progress… with an extra four days of preparation at home after cycling from London to my house in Kent I finally set off for Folkestone to spend the night there with Jane and Chris, the operators of an airfield and some friends of friends. 1,036 more words

Cycle Touring