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the path forward

There are these deep resentments inside of me that I’ve found by un-earthing just a little bit below the surface. And there are these tendencies and trends in my life that I don’t understand how they came to be. 381 more words

A Fucking Joke |  Judicial System In Lancaster, PA & The So Called ‘Rights Of The Victim’

I was in Lancaster Court of Common Pleas today, not on a matter related to myself.  If I could have thrown up while manically screaming vile obscenities at this joke of a notion of procedural fairness.  1,150 more words

Brew Review: Lancaster Brewing Shoo-Fly Pie Porter

A little local flavor never hurt anyone, right? Against my best judgment, I’ve decided to toss this puppy into the ring. There’s nothing wrong with… 660 more words

Brew Review

Our Search for the Perfect Cuban Sandwich gets political . . .ish

In the latest chapter of our search for the perfect Cuban sandwich, me and Linds decided to put former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill’s contention that all politics is local to the test. 825 more words

A Criminal Defense

This is my first book review on the blog, so I’m just going to say that I love books & I love to read. My love of reading may or may not be one of the reasons I don’t get projects done in a timely fashion… I’m easily distracted by a good book. 863 more words

A Criminal Defense

Healthcare Jobs for Family Med/Internal Med NP, Palm Desert, CA/Harrisburg, PA/Lancaster, PA/San Fernando, CA/San Mateo, CA/Worcester, MA

Great Healthcare Jobs in CA, PA & MA

Family Med/Internal Med NP in Palm Desert, CA (Coachella Valley)


Palm Desert, CA

Job type

Full-time… 1,006 more words


First Snow

Obviously, being from Canada, I’m used to snow. And cold. Okay, not the cold – I’m all about coziness. so once the temperature gets to 50 I’m bundled in coats and scarves and sweaters and socks. 430 more words