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Photography Training

You can learn a lot photographing trains on a cloudy day by experimenting with composition, exposure and aperture. This morning I went down to the Strasburg Rail Road to see if I could learn anything new, but I found the same things that were true the last time I was there were true today. 164 more words

Lancaster Pennsylvania

Pre-Columbian Artifacts

Just to be clear, Pre-Columbian art refers to art from the Caribbean, North, Central, and South Americas, think statues and vessels. The artifacts I photographed are not thousands of years old, but they are artifacts and they are from Columbia, Pennsylvania. 146 more words

Lancaster Pennsylvania

The Charnel Grounds of Columbia

Sometimes you find yourself in a strange place, and then try to figure out if there’s a deeper meaning to be found in the experience. So it was when I found myself in the motorcycle charnel grounds on the second floor of The Cycle Den in Columbia. 207 more words

Lancaster Pennsylvania

Contentment and Catnaps

The dictionary defines contentment as the state of being mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are.

Socrates said: “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” Yes, but I want more… 338 more words

Lancaster Pennsylvania

Amethyst Dreams

Dream interpretation is like calling a psychic hotline; you believe what you want to believe. I found two versions about the meaning of amethyst dreams and they’re both exactly the same but different. 178 more words

Lancaster Pennsylvania

Pushing Up Daisies

“When we are young, wandering the face of the earth. Wondering what our dreams might be worth. Learning that we’re only immortal, for a limited time.”

Lancaster Pennsylvania