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Unborn babies in womb distinguish between human faces and other shapes

But, but, how can this be? Aren’t we told by the pro-choice pro-aborts that the unborn are not human persons but mere inert lumps of the woman’s body tissue, akin to toenails?

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New tool can detect fake profiles online

A group of computer scientists was able to develop a tool that can easily detect people who create fake profiles online, such as providing the wrong gender or age, which can bring about positive benefits to ensuring the safety of social networking sites. 285 more words


Late at Lancaster Library

“Library’s that way,” I said, steering him back towards the main library as he went to cross Alex Square.

“Mmm maybe, but we haven’t done the most important part of the official study routine.” 483 more words


New adventures in writing

I’ve been very quiet on here lately, and this is partly because I’ve had to make some decisions to make – about my career and my writing. 624 more words

Walking Between Worlds

Practice-based research in writing Fantasy Fiction

 (presented at Performing Fantastika, 28 April 2017)

Firstly, to qualify the validity of practice-based research as a core methodology in my discipline, creative writing: 2,373 more words

World Economic Forum: Cancer Rates in Women Rising Fast

This blog focuses on men’s health. However, the World Economic Forum has published a study showing that cancer rates in UK women are rising six times faster than men. 363 more words

Cancer Rates In UK Women


AS A KID in Cleveland, I worked occasionally at WBOE, a pioneer public radio station operated by that city’s Board of Education. I suspect I was identified early on as a kid who talked a lot. 663 more words

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