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Lancaster University Presents: Dunsinane

Dunsinane is David Greig’s take on the aftermath of Macbeth, and the LUTG’s (Lancaster University Theatre Group’s) performance is Gail Breslin’s take on Greig’s script. 525 more words

David Grieg

Project: Korean Night

Elected as President of the Project Management Society at Lancaster University, I was responsible for choosing projects for the 2017/18 academic year. The primary activities of the society are social events, sales projects or team games which allow members to collaborate and gain experiential knowledge about managing their own projects. 126 more words

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Consultancy Research Project

During my final year at Lancaster University, I worked on a live client market research and consultancy project. Within a team of 5 people, I conducted primary and secondary research to provide recommendations to Cumbria LTA’s research objective. 159 more words

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The First of Many

I’m a millennial. So naturally I’m starting a blog.

I’m a Lancaster University marketing student with ambitions to work in the field of digital marketing or market research. 26 more words

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A Gaynor's Flora Update!

The last time I wrote a blog was at the beginning of April. That is a long time ago for a blog, but the time has been filled to the limit. 885 more words

Botanical Art

Lancaster University | Capital Connections

If I were to be asked three years ago, to attend a networking event, I can guarantee my response would have been hesitant. However, choosing to study marketing, I found myself frequently exposed to a variety of networking opportunities and at times these were not optional to attend. 288 more words


Smart Technology Could Save National Parks (Video)

Smart technology is revolutionizing our home lives with integrated devices that all connect to react to our every need. But, what if that type of connectivity could be applied to something altogether bigger. 264 more words

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