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Book Review: Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell

‘Song of the Sparrow’ by Lisa Ann Sandell is about Elaine of Ascolat (Lady of Shalott).  It is one of my favourite books and I have read it and re-read it many times since 2007.  253 more words


Even Though I Am Not

EVEN though I am not
That which I was meant to be
This day remains very young
And softer be Her palms
And Her goodly fortunes bare.



Dota 2 Hero Difficulty Tiers

Hello again, Lancelot reporting.

The difficulty of Dota 2 heroes is an often touched topic in guides, commentaries and forum discussions. After years of playing and trying my best to learn the ropes of all of them, the idea to come out with a tiering system to sort heroes according to their respective levels of difficulty struck me. 3,749 more words

Dota 2

Modern Masters

Showstoppers reign supreme
Golden talents on show
Spectacles of highs unknown
Cheering masses in awe!


To Wordsworth

Portrait by Benjamin Robert Haydon

O, tell me who did lay the first brick
To the dome higher than glamorous peak,
Whose charms and power do aloft mountains soar, 10 more words


On His Poetry

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AND now that I stare my twilight of youth
With my verse and my career still as bright,
And my bardhood still awakening from sleep, 11 more words


Farewell My Valentine

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FAREWELL my Valentine
For time nears the sunset
And the night breaks the twain
The parting day is set.
Farewell my Valentine… 20 more words