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On the Radar: Lancelot - Transport EP

Lancelot hits us with his latest EP, Transport, which is out now on the Omena imprint. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights checks out four cuts of feel-good house music. 451 more words


Time Spent With the Harvard Classics: Sir Thomas Malory - The Holy Grail

Born sometime between 1415-18 and passing on March 14, 1471, Sit Thomas Malory was the English writer who compiled and edited Le Morte d’Arthur.  He has been further identified as a landed knight and member of Parliament.  200 more words

Thought For The Day

Sword of the Rightful King

Some books have a way of sticking in our heads. This book, The Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen, I’ve had pinging around in my cortexes for years. 2,077 more words


Fourways Training SJ and XC

I looked at my list of horses for this show and thought, “Six horses, six riders! What a lovely, relaxed show,” and then contemplated how six riders felt like about a million at SANESA this year. 964 more words



The fastest may not be the best
nor is Ben Nevis Everest.
The rule for host may not suit guest.
When the Holy Grail was the Quest, 65 more words



I got Dragon Knights Lance <3333

I love him so much~


Chapter Eighteen-Girl Talk

“I’m surprised you went for Blue Meritt, I had you pegged for Red” Ginger stated.

“Blue is the place for me. I find it to fit me” and my plans “best” Meritt replied. 1,058 more words