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Galahad, Galahad,

Doubly his father’s son,

Mounted his steed

And off he was

To seek the Sangreal.

Galahad, Galahad,

Haute Prince he’s called,

He’s traded his sun-red armour… 93 more words


Our Knight's Oath Don't Need No Stinkin' Historical Accuracy

I attended a renaissance faire in the U.S. recently and must relay something that happened.

The faire’s king knighted all ladies and lads (including adults) who wished to be knighted. 266 more words

Camelot Eternal #2 and # 3 ~ comic review

One month after the Battle of Camlann, the Round Table is still struggling to recover. Arthur is haunted by nightmares, Lancelot and Guinevere continue their affair against their better judgement, Mordred plots his escape from Merlin’s prison, and the rest of the knights, not used to the tense peace, find themselves lashing out at each other. 1,412 more words

King Arthur

Reading Roundup: Medieval Literature

Alas, I have fallen into the bad habit of procrastination. I have not been writing about the books I’ve been reading as I finish and am now pretty behind. 631 more words

What I'm Reading

I Need To Change My Name To 'Sinbad'

I think my name should be ‘Sinbad’ because I sin bad all the time!

Now I have a reason for this: I am alone for many years BUT I had a reason for it when I wasn’t alone too because when you share space with someone who is drunk, drugged or gay you also end up angry enough to sin. 685 more words


Rick Wakeman’s Quadraphonic Arthurian Legend

Rick Wakeman’s third album, The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (1975), is a masterpiece of orchestral progressive rock. 1,041 more words

Progressive Rock

Chapter Twenty One

“I tried to call up St George just to get rid of the beasts but something odd occurred. I got two dragon slayers instead of one and neither of them was St George.” … 194 more words

Freya Pickard