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#dblogweek 2015 - Cleaning it out

Already behind on my #dblogweek posts… Wednesday’s topic is (was!) “Cleaning it out”.

I live in a small apartment with my husband and 2 kids. I don’t have the luxury of taking up too much space with diabetes supplies. 286 more words


Finger-Pricking Incident At School In Edgewater Causes Concern

EDGEWATER, Colo. (CBS4) – Police and school officials are trying to figure out how and why a fifth grade girl took lancets to school in Jefferson County. 203 more words


TroubleFree Diabetes Testing Kit Bayer Contour Meter 100 Test

Now just place the lancet drum in the device and you you will need to test your blood glucose.

If you are glucose meter isn’t doing work or you’re having trouble with all the one you have now, here’s 4 reasons pertaining to considering buying an Accu Chek Sleek and stylish Meter: … 233 more words


FreeStyle Lancets 400 For

Furthermore, there are some swimming accessories that can help us in increasing our technique in freestyle swimming. And all they’re outlined in Brenton’s book! It is cool! 195 more words


Plans FreeStyle Lancets 400

A pal whom we share precisely the same enthusiasm basically suggested to me to boost my freestyle swimming strategy by means of a course. While browsing on-line, I transpired to come across this training called “Mastering… 179 more words


For FreeStyle Lancets 400

Interestingly and excitedly, I began to explore the training. The materials in the PDF ended up being clear and effortless to know. With the step-by-stage instructions and static picture captures, I used to be capable to realize and digest the content properly. 257 more words

FreeStyle Lancets 400 Advice

There’s also some nice background songs as Brenton was narrating the measures of your performed method. Hence, I identified the guidelines are lucid and towards the point. 252 more words