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National: Yaqui leader Mario Luna is released and declared innocent

Fernando Jiménez and Mario Luna, representatives of the Yaqui people. Photo @
Benjamín Flores

On 23 September, Mario Luna Delgado, leader of the Yaqui people, was released from prison no. 269 more words

Human Rights

Chiapas: Prisoner from San Cristóbal, Roberto Paciencia, denounces that his charges were fabricated

Photo of Cereso 5 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas @ Moysés Zúniga Santiago

On 7 August, the prisoner Roberto Paciencia Cruz, held in prison no. 197 more words

Indigenous People

Oaxaca: Indigenous Zapotecos mobilize themselves over grave violations to right to consultation

La Ventosa. Photo @ SIPAZ archive

On 20 August, the Popular Assembly of the Juchiteco People (APPJ), together with the organizations Project for Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights (ProDESC), the Gobixha Committee for the Comprehensive Defense of Human Rights (Código DH), the Project on Organization, Development, Education, and Investigation (PODER), and the National Network of Civil Human-Rights Organizations “All Rights for All” (Red TdT) made public a communique in which they reported a legal motion regarding grave violations to the right to consultation. 389 more words

Indigenous People

Chiapas/National: EZLN announces second level of Zapatista School

(@Espoir Chiapas)

In a communique published on 27 July 2015 that is signed by Subcomandantes Insurgentes Moisés and Galeano, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) announced the second level of the Zapatista School. 261 more words

Human Rights

Guerrero: Representatives of municipalities in the Mountain and Costa Chica regions reject mining exploitation

Photo @WRadio

The representatives of the Regional Council of Agrarian Authorities in Defense of Land (CRAADT) of the Mountain and Costa Chica regions of Guerrero have mobilized themselves for the definitive cancellation of the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources by transnational corporations, considering that instead of benefiting local communities, they damage the latter’s health. 276 more words

Indigenous People

Chiapas: Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas ejido from Palenque denounces police invasion

Photo of northern zone of Chiapas @ SIPAZ archive

The ejidatarios from Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas community, Palenque municipality, denounced that on 2 August two municipal police trucks arrived to the community.  402 more words

Human Rights

Guerrero: NGO releases Urgent Action to protect Evelia Bahena García, Diana Coralina Brito, and Félix Rodríguez Navarrete

Landscape of the Mountain region of Guerrero. Photo @SIPAZ archive

On 2 August, the José María Morelos y Pavón Human Rights Center (Morelos Center) released an Urgent Action (UA) to protect the life of the Iguala activists Evelia Bahena García, Diana Carolina Brito Bahena, and Félix Rodríguez Navarrete, who have been threatened with death after having led a struggle against the Media Luna mining corporation in defense of the territory on which the Tlachinollan community finds itself located.  316 more words

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