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3 EOD workshops that focus on home grown attacks

During the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, IED attacks on coalition troops climbed to the top of the threat ladder, owing to their prolific presence, their ability to be made easily and cheaply, and their fundamentally effective results. 313 more words


Winners announced for the Defence IQ Blogging Awards

It’s been a great week at Defence IQ this week as we finally revealed the winners for the Defence IQ Blogging Awards. The judging panel made sure to read all of our shortlisted 33 blogs to find the best of the best within the blogging community. 145 more words


Streit Group unveils new Jaguar armoured vehicle

This week at Eurosatory the Streit Group, a manufacturer of armoured vehicles based out of Canada with offices worldwide, unveiled its new offering: the Jaguar. 7 more words

Interview: Bomb disposal legend Chris Hunter on CIED "cat and mouse" battle

Major Chris Hunter QGM served as a British Army officer in the Royal Logistic Corps, tackling the ever-present improvised explosive device across the world’s most notorious terrorist hotspots, including Northern Ireland, Colombia, the Balkans, East Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. 2,615 more words


How the warfighter can learn from the crimefighter

Owing to the ever volatile drug war still ongoing in Mexico, presidential candidate Enrique Pena Nieto has stated that he intends to increase the size of the Mexican federal police force and… 420 more words


India’s new artillery chief signals new focus for army

Contributed by: Simon Wigfield

It has been recently announced that Lieutenant General Anjan Mukherjee has assumed the position as the 34th Director General of the Directorate of Artillery, Army HQ, Indian Army. 515 more words


Brazilian Armoured Vehicles: A Recent History

This month, news broke that Brazil’s economy had expanded by 2.7%, with expectation for defence spending to also climb at a rate of 18%, taking the… 131 more words