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Land Of Hope And Dreams - Bruce Springsteen

Reading through some Blogs I follow at lunchtime I was reminded of one of my favourite Bruce Springsteen songs and the fabulous video I had saved in my YouTube favourites… 177 more words

Every Day Stuff

Land Of Hope And Dreams (1999)

Grab your ticket and your suitcase

Thunder’s rolling down this track

Well you don’t know where you’re going now

But you know you won’t be back… 499 more words

Springsteen Saturday: Goodbye Jon Stewart

This week was the last Daily Show we will ever see Jon Stewart host. After  16 years of delivering hysterical political satire to the masses his reign has come to an end. 66 more words

Bruce Springsteen

Well, you don't know where you're goin' now...

Going to a concert is always a good thing and it is always exciting if the music is good. Going to a Springsteen concert, however, is not quite the same thing, it is a different matter. 406 more words

Hearts Of Stone

Bells of Freedom Ring

This song, by Bruce Springsteen, has gotten me through some difficult and despairing moments over the last months. It’s like he gets the pain, in his words and his voice. 282 more words

Just get on board

Three moments of your life, three songs

No surrender.

Mid-Eighties, small town middle class borough, bourgeois living room, on the record player a vinyl of a new american rockstar, boosters cracking, volume at the maximum level.  298 more words

Bruce Springsteen