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International Organizations Reiterate Support for Guatemalan Communities and Institutions Upholding Rule of Law and Respect for Human Rights in the case of the communities of La Puya and El Tambor Mine

May 24, 2016

The undersigned human rights and environmental law organizations applaud recent efforts by Guatemalan courts to enforce domestic laws and international norms in relation to the right to consultation and corporate accountability in the case of the El Tambor mine, also known as “Progreso VII Derivada.” We reiterate our support for the Communities in peaceful resistance of La Puya in Guatemala. 2,227 more words


Diritti fondiari, urgente necessita di preservare le lingue e i diritti indigeni.

UN-  Land Rights, Critical Need to Preserve Indigenous Languages and Rights – Ms. DAVIS: “Choices about the planet have historically been made using a “win-lose” mentality and destructive and “death-producing” approaches. 197 more words

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How serious are Cambodia's land rights protesters about their curses?

Phnom Penh Post.Sat, 8 August 2015| Will Jackson and Mao Monkolransey

So-called cursing rituals have become a common component of land rights protests. But how much of these rites are serious and how much just for show? 1,005 more words


Negotiations set to begin on a National Programme for settling Labour Tenant Claims

The landmark case that has been compelling the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (the Department) to implement the Land Reform (Labour Tenant) Act returned to court on the 17th May 2016 offering new hope to labour tenants. 445 more words

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ICJ workshop: strategic litigation and corporate accountability in South East Asia

The workshop, held in Yangon on 12-13 May, brought together lawyers and activists from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines to share experience and best practice on access to remedy in the area of business and human rights. 542 more words

Symbol of protest movement, Narita Airport control tower to be demolished

Narita Airport is currently swamped on a daily basis with international arrivals as Japan, especially Tokyo, enjoys unprecedented numbers of foreign tourists, a trend which is surely going to roll on until the 2020 Olympics. 507 more words


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A control tower that has become a symbol of the protest movement against Narita Airport, in Tokyo, Japan, is to be demolished. The airport was opposed by local farmers, students and political movements from its announcement in 1966, and some of the protests resulted in violent clashes with police. It was recently announced that the former control tower will be demolished in 2018. Back in March 1978 it was raided by protesters who then occupied it and succeeded in delaying opening of the airport for three months. Resistance to the airport continues to this day, with some disputed strips of land blocking plans for a third runway.

How can the Voluntary Guidelines strengthen tenure rights in South Africa?

by Ruth Hall @RuthHallPLAAS on 10 May 2016

First published on the PLAAS website and reposted by kind permission

South Africa faces numerous challenges when it comes to providing fair governance of land, fisheries and forests. 1,244 more words

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