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Sensitivity of drought resilience-vulnerability- exposure to hydrologic ratios in contiguous United States


Anoop Valiya Veettil, Goutam Konapala, Ashok K. Mishra, Hong-Yi Li

The atmospheric water supply and demand dynamics determine a region’s potential water resources. The hydrologic ratios, such as, aridity index, evaporation ratio and runoff coefficients are useful indicators to quantify the atmospheric water dynamics at watershed to regional scales. 180 more words


What does the RNC, national parks, speeding traffic and litter have to do with land use?

Everything! While this blog strives to focus on issues impacting urban neighborhoods, the topics recognize neighborhood dynamics are complex and don’t simply involve the bricks and mortar of neighborhoods. 338 more words

Neighborhood Sustainable Development, Consensus Building,

‘Taking up their abode in the woods’: from Sutherland to Nova Scotia

Between 1813 and the 1830s the Mi’kma’q people of what became Earltown in Colchester County, Nova Scotia, faced an influx of colonists. These Sutherland families, many evicted multiple times from their rented homes and farms back home, hungered after security and were attracted by the possibility of outright ownership offered by the British government. 862 more words


Usurping Authority - Crozet Community Committee Resolution Recognition Request

Adapted from comments to the Albemarle County Planning Commission July 17, 2018

Good evening.  Tonight, under new business, you have been asked to formally recognize a resolution from the Crozet Community Advisory Committee. 614 more words

Growth Issues

Editorial: Land-use process broken

Brianna and Eric Cadwell and John Shepherd are all too aware of a problem that doesn’t get enough attention in Oregon. As land-use planning laws are written, it can take decades to reach a final decision on how a specific property may be used. 9 more words