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Humboldt Conservatives: Tax The Little Gal

Even if their loudest constituents have been participating in a crime, Humboldt’s conservative representatives will do what they can to minimize their taxes moving forward. 625 more words

Weed Inc.

Turns Out This Isn't Santa Rosa

But this is the gentrification of Southern Humboldt. (Credit to commenter Sell! Sell! Sell! on Kym Kemp’s site)

It’s what happens when our public representatives honor land owners.  602 more words

Land Values

The Consequences of Political Actions

Yesterday I wrote this article lamenting the fact that neither Supervisor Fennell nor Supervisor Bohn will be held to account for their disingenuous politics.

They make themselves out to be interested in public participation and (in Estelle’s case only) protecting the environment, but their primary interest trumps both. 477 more words

Board Of Supervisors