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Get some Refreshment

I went hiking last weekend. It was fairly hot, so any shade and refreshment was welcome. There was a tiny path going off the main path, going up steep to the side of the rock. 140 more words


Fresh & New

Even though it is the warm season, some mornings have still been exceptionally cold. But instead of being frustrated about it (who wouldn’t want some warm sunshine now?), I try to look at the beauty of it. 32 more words


Your own way.

Life is not always easy, that is true. Sometimes it can be complicated. But I am convinced that one day, we will all find our own unique way, our own path. 29 more words


DANGER! Laugh with me, but DANGER!

One of my favorite things about Okinawa were the signs. They’re hilarious to me. Very eye catching and therefore effective if you ask me.

This one is a drunken Habu. 69 more words

"A poet is a verb that..."

“A poet is a verb that blossoms light
in gardens of dawn,
or sometimes midnight.”

― Aberjhani

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April came and is already gone.

April was a very short and fast month for me. The snow was still melting which meant my well was still filling with water every few hours needing to be pumped – I swear it was like having a newborn baby all over again. 172 more words


That’s how many miles we drove in 10 days. Not terrible but certainly more than enough. As previously mention a thousand times we are a military family which means we move often. 337 more words