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The 'big' shows

It’s not enough to be a simple exhibition anymore. That time has come to an abrupt end.

Now, there are only ‘events.’ Ticketed events. Advanced ticketed events. 270 more words


It's a...What'sit plant.

If anyone knows what type of of plant or flower this is I would love to know. I found the colors intriguing and the texture boarder-line fascinating.

Morning: Weekly Photo Challenge

I love a beautiful sunrise. However there’s a problem – I am not in any way a morning person. I’d rather stay up all night than get up at 4 am. 66 more words


On the unimaginatively titled, but accurate, “Big Rock” the granite lined waterholes reflect the sky above. The all around view lets me decide my vista. 13 more words



Snorkeling is an amazing way to spend a few hours in the water.  We have the underwater GoPro, I know next to nothing about those, and it’s just ok. 47 more words

Cruise ship and childhood memories

When I was a child, me and the other kids in the neighbourhood would run to the nearest viewpoint and yell “storbåååt” every time we saw a cruise ship pass in or out the fjord. 226 more words


Narrow: Weekly Photo Challenge

The photo theme this week is to keep things narrow – other than your mind of course. Early in the spring I attended an azalea festival… 45 more words