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Selecting BB Dakota Womens Lander Jacket

Do the math South dakota Dish Network Packages are better than Direct TV Packages : If you take this Dish TV Network Deal and you build onto it with the 3 free months of HBO and Showtime this is a very good promotion from Dish TV Network . 390 more words

Friday 29th-Sunday 31st August-Wyoming (including Yellowstone)

Wyoming surprised me. I liked it more than I thought I would. The Rocky Mountains are not a continuous mountain chain and to get from the Colorado Rockies to the Montana Rockies we needed to cross the Wyoming plain. 757 more words

Chapter 6 Rodeo-Rendezvous (June 27-July 3)

June 27

There’s Indian time, then there’s the-female-half-of-my-acquaintances-in-Lander time. On the other hand, the male half can sustain but a discrete amount of intellectual activity, so in some way their defects cancel out and we arrive for the 25th Eastern Shoshoni Stampede right on time. 2,679 more words

Contemporary West

New Indy Pass 5.14

by Mark Anderson

It’s been ages since I’ve done a proper road trip. Camping with young kids can border on misery, so we’ve made a point to avoid it since Logan came along. 1,373 more words


VWs are life

My VW life has gone full circle. In 1979 I drove a new white VW Scirocco. It was a replacement for a sky blue Ford Pinto station wagon that was in a rear end collision with an oil field mud truck. 480 more words


Lander: Wyoming's Apple City

“It has recently been demonstrated that the Garden of Eden was not in Palestine, but is still situated on the Shoshone Indian reservation in Wyoming and that the variety of apple with which Mother Eve was tempted is still grown on a ranch just outside the reserve.” — Gov.

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Day 20: Lander, WY to Jeffrey City, WY -- 59 miles

Knowing that there wasn’t much — or really, anything — between my start and end points today, I did some grocery shopping before I left Lander. 600 more words