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Austin's Story

Hello My name is Austin Bell and here is my story:

I grew up in a faith-based family with two wonderful parents and I have brother who is four years older than me. 591 more words


Leaving Greenwood // When Following Jesus Hurts

Tears. The kind that slide down your face at a scary pace. And wide eyes, and questions, and sorrow mixed with incredible love. That’s what you would have seen watching me drive away from Greenwood a few days ago. 1,333 more words

RIP, Jade Rabbit

“Yutu”, the Jade Rabbit rover, delivered to the Moon by the Chang’e 3 lander, the first lunar lander sent by any nation other than the USA or the USSR and the first sent by anyone at all since 1976, has now officially ended its mission.   130 more words


We can't put the house on the market until the end of footy tipping.....

Really?  Man, I will buy you a computer or give you mine!

“You have to wait 8 weeks”….

“I refuse to sign any real estate documents until October”!!!!!! 217 more words

Sinks Canyon, Wyoming

For our last night out, I had consulted with my friend, Delyn, who recommended we stay at Sinks Canyon State Park in Wyoming. You wouldn’t think crossing one state (Wyoming) would take an entire day, but it does. 486 more words

Allocation of asylum seekers across Germany

According to the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), “(a)llocation to an initial reception facility depends on the capacity currently available. Consideration is also given to which branch office of the Federal Office deals with the asylum-seeker’s home country, given that not all the branch offices deal with all countries of origin. 54 more words

Asylum Seekers