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LAnding: verb: The act of living in Los Angeles County… also known as LA LA Land. (yes…. yes I  did just make that up! Go ME!). 79 more words



Hi guys!

We now know what are the most popular kinds of houses in England. But when we come in… do you know the name of most  509 more words


The Shortest-Known Paper Published in a Serious Math Journal: Two Succinct Sentences

Euler’s conjecture, a theory proposed by Leonhard Euler in 1769, hung in there for 200 years. Then L.J. Lander and T.R. Parkin came along in 1966, and debunked the conjecture in two swift sentences.

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What Would Jesus Do?

I DROVE THROUGH Lander, Wyoming, once, on my way to Grand Tetons National Park (we camped at a nearby beautiful state park). I declared it then as the most beautiful small town in America and entertained thoughts about moving there after retirement. 351 more words

The Price of Entry

My body is heavy with tiredness and greedy for sleep.

This tiredness comes from the hours I spend each day in the sun, wind, heat, and cold. 1,214 more words

Technology for the future of Mars Exploration

Using parachutes to land on Mars has been used since the Viking mission in the 1970s. The thin atmosphere of Mars and limited size of the parachute means there is a limit on the mass of an object that needs to be slowed down. 91 more words


NASA’s ‘Flying Saucer’ Lander Is Going For A Test Spin Today | Popular Science

If Congress truly was so enamored by job creators NASA’s budget should be raised exponentially. NASA is one of the country’s greatest assets and its budget is being chipped away each year to becoming less than a fraction our gross national product which is a fraction of what China is spending on space exploration and future colonization. 6 more words