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China Just Released Never-Before-Seen HD Images Of Their 2013 Moon Landing


Chinese lunar mission has discovered new form of space rock. The Chinese space agency’s Chang’e 3 lander have made an incredible discovery on the surface of the Moon. 81 more words


So last summer money was tight. For whatever reason between my wife and I only one of us could hold down a job (and it kept flip flopping!) and so it brought to question whether or not we were going to be able to go to our favorite of the annual vacations. 632 more words


Opportunity keeps on trucking

The rover that doesn’t know how to quit, Mars Exploration Rover B “Opportunity” has just departed “Cape Tribulation”, a feature on the rim of Endeavour Crater on Mars.   116 more words


The Price is Right: How a Game Show Reflects Real Life

I write a lot about the twisted crap in my past.  The longing for what never was, or the abuse I have encountered and endured.   One might take a peek at some of it and assume that this poor girl was never loved.  8,524 more words

Kina - ett socialistiskt land

Kina anser sig själva vara ett socialistiskt land. Enligt Frank Li, som skrivit boken “American Democracy” så krävs det både kapitalism och socialism för att få ett välfungerande land. 75 more words


Once a year go someplace you never been before ...

Wie alles begann:

Seit ich klein war, zog es mich mindestens einmal im Jahr von zu Hause fort – und selbst wenn es nur der alljährliche Urlaub im wunderschönen Allgäu war – ich wollte etwas erleben, Neues sehen, kennenlernen und die Welt bereisen. 494 more words