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Hi, thanks for visiting. This is a simple page where you can find my basic connection details and a little about what I do and love. 27 more words

Landing Page

Setting Up a Static Home Page for Your Podbean Site

On your Podbean site, you can opt to have a home page of your choosing rather than the default episodes page. For example, your podcast site’s home page could be a general introductory page or attractive landing page. 87 more words


How to Export Top Landing Pages From Google Analytics Using Analytics Edge in Excel

I help a lot of companies with website redesigns or CMS migrations (from an SEO standpoint). As part of that process, it’s extremely important to download all of a website’s top landing pages so you can check them in staging and when the redesign or migration goes live. 1,112 more words

Responsive Web Design and People who make them

Why is Responsive Design So Important?

Responsive design is important because it can help you solve a lot of problems for your website. Using Responsive design can enhance your website and attract more viewers. 2,419 more words

How to Save Money On Video Game Purchases

When new video games are released, it can sometimes become costly to add these games to your collection; especially if each game is priced at a minimum of 50 dollars (38 euros) or more upon its release. 624 more words

Landing Page Finest Applies For Maximum Conversions

A landing page is further than impartial crafting text and smacking it on the internet. In detail, the gurus of internet marketing recognize a thing or two approximately generating stellar landing pages that drive supreme conversions. 493 more words

Web Develoment

A New Platform for a New Author (and all FREE)!

We’re very excited to be launching an exciting new author – Gavin Reese. Gavin is a real-life cop and writes authentic hard-boiled crime. We’ve been creating a whole new platform for Gavin to launch the first book in what will be a very exciting series. 294 more words

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