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A revolutionary way to let a property or a recipe for disaster?

Browsing through our endless emails from Google alerts we came across an article from Simple Landlords Insurance which caught our eye – “An estate agent is paying tenants first year’s rent” and it got us thinking…. 263 more words

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A Quick Guide To Landlord Insurance

If you invest in real estate and/or rent out homes you will need to have a landlord insurance policy that protects you in at least three categories: property damage, loss of income, and liability protection. 449 more words

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Renting Out Your Property? Get These Landlord Rental Insurance Tips First

If you are looking to rent out your home you need Landlord coverage which is different then your regular home insurance and offers you the coverage you need. 373 more words


Qualifications to Look for in A Potential Tenant

“With great powers, come great responsibility”. This truly applies to the person owning a house and willing to rent to a stranger. Along with the responsibility of the house, the landlord is also answerable to their surroundings. 424 more words

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5 Reasons You May Be Refused Landlord Insurance

If you are renting a property out to tenants, whether it be a holiday home, an apartment or a long term house rental, it’s important that you take out an insurance policy to protect you against any misfortunate circumstances that may arise. 622 more words

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Rental Property Insurance

Today I had to pay my rental property insurance.  The set up I pursued with my rentals is to have individual policies for each property, and an umbrella policy over those.  199 more words

Tick These 5 Things Before Buying An Investment Property

Many landlords in Australia are continuous looking for new properties to invest in order to increase their rental income. Low interest rates along with high income levels have made buying homes pretty easy for the average Australians which makes it a pretty good investment for long term income. 502 more words

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