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Kelowna landlord may face more fines

KELOWNA – From improper occupancy permits to B.C. building code infractions, a Kelowna landlord has been fined so many times, it’s already cost him thousands of dollars. 378 more words


Investment Property: Cambridge Vs. London

Hello Readers,

I’m in a personal dilemma which I think you lot might be able to help solve or have think about! As the title explains I would like to buy an investment property but I am torn between two locations, and before finding a house I have to settle the location, otherwise, the pool of houses to choose from stretches in to the thousands! 572 more words


2015 plymouth HOMEIT 普利茅斯留英家园-大步迈入房产微视屏时代


HOMEIT 留英家园现在配备了超广角4K超高清视屏录影设备, 为华人租房售房提供超值多媒体服务。我们的电影短片为YOUTUBE和微信腾讯视屏为载体能以最快最直接的方式传播出去!



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Maximising your tax return from investment properties

Do you know how to claim your expenses as a landlord?

According to the latest figures released by the ATO, Australia’s 1 895 775 property investors own 2.71 million rental investment properties around the country. 446 more words

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2015-投资英国 HOMEIT 留英家园资深投资人周老师出席全英房地产盛会

2015伦敦房地产峰会成功落幕。座无虚席,人气超旺。 是一场房产投资的盛宴。 HOMEIT留英家园的周老师作为本次会议的VIP嘉宾出席了会议。也有幸和组织方CPPS 英国华人房地产协会,华人建筑环境联盟 CBEEs,还有万达,绿地,ABP 等开发商代表进行房地产投资等领域的交流。我们看到有强劲的数据支持,英国是全欧洲最好的,伦敦是全英最火的投资热点。这种趋势要至少要延续到2023年。想要投资英国地产的朋友注意了,投资的机会还是大把的,投资英国房地产,无论是普利茅斯还是伦敦,请和我们留英家园联系。加我们的微信LukeHomeit 或是 UKHOMEIT. 一定不要错过接下来的黄金十年!


英国华人房地产协会(CPPS  http://cpps.org.uk)是一家非盈利性的独立组织,由在英国房地产领域工作的华人自发组成。该协会创立于2008年1月30号并于自愿组织国家委员会注册登记,经中国驻英国大使馆经济贸易部认可。

华人建筑环境专家联盟(CBEEs http://www.c-bees.com)是一个由在建筑和工程行业内的华人专业人员组成的,并快速发展的网络,当前超过500名会员。我们致力于提供专业的房地产服务以及在英国和欧洲范围内构建一个更广阔的群体。我们已经在伦敦、曼彻斯特、纽卡斯尔以及牛津成功举办了一系列的房地产投资研讨会。


Reviewing finance could save landlords thousands

For most professional landlords, the biggest cost they will face when investing in a property is the interest charged on the money they borrow to buy it. 339 more words

It's a Mistake......It's A Mistake.


Well, my Bobcat guy has not made his presence known today—yet. I actually flagged down a worker on a huge D9 dozer, and he said he would get back to me. 440 more words