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Why I'm Totally OK Buying A $78 T-Shirt

If you know me, you’ll know I love a good sale. One of my best memories working at Urban included a lot of mad deals… 1,572 more words

What Can Landmark Education Do For You?

Think of this planet as a better place to live in that suffices everyone’s ability to their fullest potential and live in harmony with the others. 497 more words

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Join Landmark Forum for Positive Changes in Life

Every person has aspiration to achieve something or other in life. People put in a lot of efforts and strive hard to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. 494 more words

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Landmark Forum and its Remarkable Impact

Having a positive attitude towards problems is essential to live a fulfilling life. Challenges are going to come your way regardless of what you do. Being prepared for them is what sets you apart from the crowd. 481 more words

Landmark Forum Review

The myth of "I"

“Everything I had always thought about myself and about my world – all of my ideas, opinions, thoughts, attitudes, memories, hopes, worries, beliefs – all of it had suddenly revealed itself to be a hopeless tangle of chattering, machine-like voices. 150 more words

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Landmark Education : How Thoughts Shape People Instead of the Other Way Round

Humans live in a world of thought and perception, word and deed. Actions guided by words stem from thoughts engineered by pre-used ideas, ideas which stem from an action which has possibly occurred in the past. 486 more words

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