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The Breakthrough Transformation

The thread of transformation has been woven throughout the fabric of my life.

Depending on the times or the teacher, these explorations could be classified as the human potential movement, or spirituality, or self-improvement. 1,079 more words


Landmark Forum concentrates on communicating well

Effective communication is the key to successful human relations. You would see that the world has become a very small place today. People can communicate with each other in a variety of ways. 474 more words

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Landmark Forum teaches you not to pre-judge anybody on the basis of appearance

Nothing is impossible in this world provided you have the positive approach to looking at things. People might say that such things look good on paper, but difficult to put into practice. 490 more words

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Landmark Forum looks at both sides of the picture

It is very easy to judge other people’s mistakes, but never theirs. This is one major cause of disharmony between people that disturbs relations between them. 479 more words

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Understand different perspectives the Landmark Forum way

One of the main problems with humans is that we judge them prematurely. We do not understand their point of view. This is one of the greatest lessons of life. 474 more words

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Understand the importance of love - the Landmark Forum way

It is human to have feelings like happiness, pride, love, sadness, knowledge, and so on. However, what is more important that you should know where your priorities lie. 477 more words

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Landmark Forum believes in spreading kindness

What action can give you utmost joy? The act of kindness and helping a person in need is the action that can give you maximum amount of joy and satisfaction. 482 more words

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