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The Tackle That Didn't Get Away

Museums of any sort capture my attention. However, having a museum attached to a fish and tackle shop had me intrigued. As I needed a particular set of weighing scales, I decided the museum alone would be worth the drive. 364 more words


The Statues

Make no mistake but that all mine companions be considered both sage & clever, wise men and intelligent woman all. And yet it is clear that they do not share universally ye background of scientific study that I esteem so highly and consider invaluable to this mission. 449 more words



Across the sheet of gray glass
lies the Island of green fir trees
Spires reaching up into heaven
catching the wind the weather

blowing in from distant Straits… 126 more words


Top 10 Great Wall Sections in Beijing

Speaking of traveling in Beijing, a great many people may first think of the Great Wall, and indeed it is an exciting tour of the Great Wall of Beijing. 615 more words

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"Grande Toscano"

La Défense hosts an open-air museum with works of art scattered throughout the district.


How Many Hutongs Are There in Beijing?

Old local residents have a saying: “There are 360 large hutongs and as many small hutongs as there are hairs on an ox.” Laid out in a chessboard pattern which was established as early as the Ming Dynasty, these hutongs cross cut the city into tiny squares. 124 more words

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The Shard

The Shard claims to be Talibri’s oldest tavern, a claim that can be neither proved nor refuted. It is undoubtedly very old, the original form of the building long lost in accretions and extensions. 210 more words