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Landry Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

The first Landrys to settle in Grand-Anse were Omer Landry (son of Remi Landry and Charlotte Doiron) and his first wife Luce Goulet (daughter of… 142 more words


Blanchard Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

The earliest Blanchards I have found in Grande-Anse were Jean-Baptiste Blanchard and his wife Genevieve Landry. The couple were from Caraquet  and were married there on November 23rd, 1824. 145 more words


Knightfall Season Finale - Return of the King's Pride

Okay so King Phillip finally grew a pair and tried to teach everybody a lesson, which produced some mixed results.  The Holy Grail is still at the center of this show for some reason and it seems to incite unending burglary attempts, especially since it’s sitting in France at the beginning of the episode.  593 more words


The Chapadeaus | Pioneers of Caraquet

Gilbert Chapadeau (son of Michel Chapadeau and Rosalie Landry) from Paspebiac and Marie Hebert (daughter of Joseph Hebert, widow of Jacques Lanteigne) are the first Chapadeau couple in Caraquet. 206 more words


'Star Trek: Discovery - What's Past Is Prologue' Aspires to Shakespeare But Achieves Stupidity

Jesus Fucking Christ. Just when I think I might be running out of things to complain about with ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, another episode comes along and provides an abundance of new material to tear apart. 1,382 more words

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The Dugas | Pioneers of Caraquet

Joseph Dugas
(son of Charles Dugas and Anne Leblanc) and Agathe Landry (daughter of Alexis Landry and Marie Theriault) were the founding Dugas couple of Caraquet.   202 more words


The Poiriers | Pioneers of Caraquet

Charles Poirier (probably the son of Joseph Poirier and Jeanne Arsenault) married Madeleine Landry (daughter of Jean Landry and Claire Leblanc). The couple had the following children: … 250 more words