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Sunrise (2) , Second Camera

I prefer to shoot sunrise / sunset with my backup Canon 70D and a prime lens. I just think I get better colors and tones with that body. 35 more words


Clear Morning Pond

A clear morning, the sun above the horizon, but still low with plenty of shadows.

Taken at Donnelley Wildlife Management Area, South Carolina. 6 more words


Foregone Conclusion… Stuart France


There are approximately one hundred billion stars in our galaxy.
There are approximately one hundred billion galaxies in our universe.

How many stars?
Too many to count…

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Dear Wen: 'The Dark Virgin'...

Dear Wen…

Great to see the Red Kite flying over the tower.

It always was a great location and now with Red Kites to boot… 101 more words


Early Morning Egret

After sunrise, but before full sun, getting a good shot can be ‘interesting’. Too many times there isn’t enough light. But here the water acted like a reflector and held some of the sunrise colors. 30 more words


Early Light On A Marsh Canal

This is a hard place to photograph around dawn. The sun is usually hidden off behind the tree line, everything else is still dark.

The wooden trunk (water gate) was open and flowing so I had hoped a white bird would show up for some interest. 15 more words


Saint Paul's at night

A particularly cold and wet view of St Paul’s over the Millennium bridge, London