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Autumn from Kenosha Pass | 9.2015

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I adore the crisp cool air, the vibrant yet solemn colors that come forth from creation. Colorado fades into a beautiful landscape of bright yellows and oranges during this time of year, and I was able to capture some of that wonder while passing through Kenosha Pass.


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These photos are a collection of photos taken to capture the beauty, wonder, and awe that is found in the creation around us. 17 more words


The blue mountains are constantly walking: a reflection

The construction of understanding of walking can follow many narratives. I remember from Susanne Österlund-Pötzch’s talk, the image of European nobility on horse and the common man walking as an expression of lower social status. 1,256 more words

Landscape And Nature

Fairy Tale

No matter  how early you get up to catch the “perfect” light… No matter how many books you have read to compose the “perfect” frame… No matter if you have the “perfect” camera settings… 24 more words

Landscape And Nature

Ethiopian Opal – The Most Spectacular Gemstone 7

Opals such as the Welo Opal can can command prices per carat that rival the most expensive diamonds, rubies and emeralds.