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A moving sea of endless marsh waves in the gentle breeze. Great unseen fingers stir the grasses making this sea appear to be a living thing. 308 more words

My Reflections

"Back Roads"

“Back Roads”  7″ x  16″ oil on wood

Back roads are some of my favorite ways to travel. They may take a little longer but the extra time is worth it for the benefit of the view. 65 more words


I hate goddamn autumn in Germany

It became freezing cold in that 4 or 5 hours I did the painting. Yeah, I like the colors as well as anybody else – all those reds and yellows. 33 more words


#12. Do something that revives an old trend

Last fall I started buying landscape paintings at thrift shops. Something about the cheesy, yet peaceful vibe in this old art trend made me happy. 99 more words

A Year Of Spring

Roncalli at Vienna City Hall - the smell of roasted almonds and the big, wide world of artists and clownery

On a short bike trip to Vienna my sister and me passed by the City Hall and saw that beautiful scenery by chance. Sat down, had some tasty sweets and I started to paint. 8 more words



Cruising the calm waters between the small islands on this northern lake, I feel alive again. Tiny waves lap gently against the side of the canoe while the sun shines brightly in a clear blue sky. 304 more words

My Reflections


It is early. The wind strengthens, stirring the trees. The rustle of leaves in the nearby poplars rises and falls. It sounds much like falling rain. 224 more words

My Reflections