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Summer Falls

Title: Summer Falls

After being captivated by my previous series, I have decided to continue just to see what I came up with. This is what happens when you are in love with art, you get beautiful creations like these; two breathtaking waterfalls in this magnificent part of nature with mountain in the background. 209 more words


Authenticity of Australian paintings

Art is something which everyone is fond of, types and choices may vary to different individuals but the love and affection found for art, paintings or art pieces are mostly common to maximum crowd. 296 more words

Art Drawings

Woodpecker on Feeder

Here’s a watercolor with pen and ink detailing in places. It’s a glimpse into my back garden and the feeder I have to attract woodpeckers (one of my favorite birds). 81 more words


Are Drawing & Painting Related?

Are drawing and painting related? What does drawing have to do with painting? After all one is in color and one is not, right? And painting is using a brush and not something pointy, right? 239 more words

Oil Paintings

Magical Daytime

Title: Magical Daytime

Another magically created acrylic on canvas painting in my new series. The sun is out in the UK and I feel inspired to create this series, showing the beautiful landscape of the English land. 28 more words


Early Sunlight

Title: Early Sunlight

After seeing the beautiful sunlight coming through every morning, I have been commissioned to paint this stunning acrylic on canvas painting. This painting offers a great scenery showing sunlight in the distance.


Art: A Visual Conversation

I read a thought provoking essay recently and wanted to share it.   The author/artist, Sharon Griffes Tarr, said:

“If we who make art were to talk more to folks about the fact that our art is a visual conversation with them, that it expresses our love, emotion, feelings, ideas and concepts about the world we live in than folks might be able to connect.

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