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One of those days where everything is sweet

We kicked around in the sun for most of the morning, then randomly we decided to head to Broughsane. 

It’s a great little town, still thriving with local business which is refreshing to see. 64 more words


Afternoon bells with sea views

A short audiovisual work from the Mediterranean views series. I screened this piece at Rhizome a few weeks ago.



This afternoon, Grace and I headed to the Tweed Regional Gallery in northern NSW to have a look at the recently completed Margaret Olley Art Centre. 43 more words


Lake Hayes from the Remarkables, Queenstown

The last of the 3 started in Java. This view is from the hairpin road to the Remarkables Skifield looking west towards the Arrowtown area across about 10km of glacial morrain. Oils 60cmx40cm

Alistair McDonald

The return of the Colours

“Life is returning to something approaching normality and there’s nothing that lifts the spirits more than an early morning dog walk on a sunny spring morning.

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Machapuchare from Green Pastures Leprosy hospital

Taken in 1987 while working there, taken with a Pentax 1000 on Kodachrome and recently scanned.


Colorado Trail View 1

This image is of a trail head in Colorado Springs. I have to say I rather enjoyed hiking in Colorado Springs. The wildlife in unique and rather natural 320 more words

Chris Flees