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Matahorua, Hawkes Bay

Many NZ rural scenes seem to include a hill with a lone tree on top. I don’t know why, perhaps they are left as a sighter for the farmer (sheep and beef in this area) or topdressing (fertiliser) planes. 15 more words

Alistair McDonald

Technique Tuesday: Glazing

What is it?

The term “glazing” when applied to paint refers to the play of colors and luminosity built up through applying thin, transparent layers of paint over an opaque layer of a different color. 583 more words

Fine Art

Liguria screened in Milan, Italy for NOFEST on 4/8/17

I am thrilled¬† to report that my film Liguria will be screened next month at NOFEST in Milan, Italy. This is presented by L’emergere del possibile & UNZAlab. 33 more words