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Two rather random thoughts


Diesel power.

Playing around with the Technikardan this morning, I was struck by the smell of the lubricant used on the metal parts. The camera is built like a tank, but also smells like it runs on diesel! 209 more words

You have to start somewhere!

Well, here we are. My first attempt at writing a blog!

As you probably know, I am a photographer who loves to share her view of the world one photo at a time. 232 more words


Snow Matching Clouds

It seems like the color of the clouds in the blue sky are matching the snow on the ground ….


Rebirth of a woodland

In a woodlot nothing goes to waste. A fallen tree, last years leaves, dead fauna and other detritus from past storms all slowly rot, turn into humus and become rooting material for new growth. 86 more words


Just a moment in Africa

Just before a storm there’s that heavy aching feeling in the sky and electric air.  It’s as if the god’s have eaten too much and they have swelled up the sky and filled it with their tautness. 311 more words

Kait King Author


The Polar Vortex brought subzero windchills to west Michigan.  Lake Michigan has remained fairly ice free this winter.  So the northwest winds these last few days have cranked up the lake effect snow machine, which hit squarely on Saugatuck, Michigan.   97 more words

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