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Invisible Portrait of 3-in-1 Landscape

The various landscapes fuse together to create the invisible portrait of the Americas.



The mallku is the condor, and in Andean culture represents the leader. Here the condor is seen surveying the land in which he is the mallku, with earth, wind, water and fire under his purview.A lion’s face is formed by a mushroom for eyes and an Andean condor for a mouth.


The Bridge of San Luis Rey vs. T. S. Eliot

As the padre watches his friend walk to wards the bridge that crosses the valley, he notices both the “other who always walks beside” her as well as the hand of fate reaching up to claim 7 lives.


1883: Two Versions of the Same Tree


James Hey Davies:
Study of an Ash Tree in Summer (1883)
Study of an Ash Tree in Winter (1883)

Splendid Pickering Castle, Yorkshire

In 2015 we made a visit to Pickering Castle, situated  in Pickering, a small ancient market town in North Yorkshire.  Pickering is famous for being the home of the North Yorkshire Moors  379 more words