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The Northern Plague

by Dave Hanks

	In the land of the voracious mosquito,
	In the land of bog and lake; 
	They attack you, they bite you, and they suck you –
	Miserable your life they can make! 214 more words

Nebula Cultus no.4

storm clouds beckon bold
its winded fury stills all
peace is found within


First Attempt at Long Exposure Photography

A co-worker pulled me into his office recently to show me a few images that he took using the long exposure technique. I have always loved the feel of the images that were shot using this technique but I have never attempted it. 175 more words


Spring Pasture

As the snows recede, the sugaring starts, the pastures become open, the sheep and goats get out and feed on natural browse. Spring in Vermont is a fickle season, warm one day, 70° temperatures and a day later, a foot of snow covers everything.Vergennes Monkton Rd. Ferrisburgh Vermont, 03/21/2008


Wild Daisies

Watercolor     8″ x 11″

An en plein air study up on Yucca Flats, bluffs and canyons, a meadow of grasses on the flat tabletop land and the mountains in the background


New on 500px : Stuart Marina Sunset by sonofanative

Nice Light Next to the Deck Landing Tiki Bar and Grill
Single exposure Lightroom anf Photoshop

via 500px http://ift.tt/1HRfopS

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