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Right Plant, Right Place

by Ann Barnes, EMGV

If Master Gardeners had a mantra, it might be “Right plant, right place”. Following this rule helps plants to thrive, can decrease diseases and pests, and may cut down on the time you spend in watering, pruning, and doing other kinds of yard maintenance. 799 more words

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Living large in a small space

You don’t need a gigantic backyard or waterfront property to enjoy the coastal lifestyle – just call Brandon Stewart. In one of our latest projects we took a small backyard and gave it the full coastal treatment with a pergola, patio, deck and landscaping. 15 more words


All About Hydrangea

Nothing says, “Welcome, summer!” like the bright blooms of hydrangea. This vibrant shrub is a must for any landscape, and is easy to grow, with just a little bit of knowledge. 303 more words

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a dainty little weed...

While playing hoops today in a Portland park, came across a widespread little daisy like ‘weed’…sometimes called ox-eye here, I believe…not unlike clover in coverage, but daisy like.



Interlocking Paver Metro Halifax

There are many reasons why pavers are a great choice as a hardscape material. Not only does it provide a elegance in sophistication of design, it is also more durable than… 67 more words

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Field of Dreams

We have more lawn than any person needs. I hate lawns. Hey, let’s put non-native, water-intensive plants that we use energy to keep artificially short. Screw that. 118 more words