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Golden Barrel Cactus

The Golden Barrel Cactus, aka Echinocactus grusonii, is a very popular and well known Cactus in our region. We were excited to pick this beauty up and plant it for one of our customers. 96 more words

{Life Hack} Landscaping

Because why pay a landscaper hundreds of dollars to come out and cut your bushes, trim your trees all on a very specific designed algorithm based on how much you want to pay them, when you can just use Chick-Fil-A. 174 more words


Expect the worst?

Happily, I report no damage from the first cold night following the recent extended period of late February warmth. While a day or two of mild temperatures is not unusual for this period, repeated days in the sixties and seventies are not typical, with the result that many trees and shrubs are flowering (or beginning to flower) earlier than usual. 391 more words

My Garden

Beautify Your Lawn & Garden

Custom #Landscaping & #Beautification Services right here in Atlanta, Georgia! Whether you need your front yard manicured or your pool area turned into an oasis, Luxury Housing Trends is #1 in Landscaping and property maintenance! 9 more words

Attractive Flower Could Be Furnished With This Kind Of Thorny Stem

A very vibrant yellow to a darkish deep red, It’s curious that this attractive flower could be furnished with this kind of thorny stem. A little bit in the good and the bad from nature I suppose. 420 more words

Hire an Expert in Landscape Design

If you’re a homeowner aiming to have a landscaped front and backyard but without the necessary skills and expertise, it is best to hire an expert in landscape design.

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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

The Different Landscaping Designs To Make Your Home Attractive!

The only means to answer the drainage problems is the native plants. In Chicago, usually, the gardeners always face the hazards of drainage. The the weather is not constant, and consequently, this mini keyboard has its bad effects on the lovely gardens, than anyone could expect. 468 more words