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Perfect Service As Per Needed with the Landscaping Company

With spring underway, it’s now time to dive headfirst into everyone’s favorite landscape maintenance tasks! If you enjoy this dirty, sweaty, and tiring chore as much as we do, you understand that this job comes with no finish line. 654 more words

Garden Maintenance

A little slow getting here

Fortunately, flowers of ‘Dr. Merrill’ and ‘Royal Star’ magnolias, and ‘Okame’ cherry (below), are a bit late. In a mild winter, the magnolias can begin to flower in late February in this garden, and ‘Okame’ is usually in bloom early in the second week of March. 343 more words

My Garden

March 23, 2018

Brickworks in progress

Formation of surroundings – plantation works in progress


How to Design and Renovate Your Garden Without Expensive Cost?

The late spring is here. People are absolutely concocting their own particular intends to appreciate it from heading off to the shoreline to nature trekking. As for those individuals who take part in landscaping either for a pastime or a vocation, summer calls for acquiring plants and in addition landscaping apparatuses to make new shows. 508 more words

Landscaping Services In South Shields

Scheduled Turf Treatments

Shendandoah Landscaping will be in the community for the application of pre-emergent crabgrass control. This application is scheduled to be completed between 3/26/18 and 3/30/18 and is a granular treatment. 26 more words

Community Update

Spring Lawn and Garden Preparations

The fading winter chill makes this the perfect time for spring cleaning, and not just around the house. Before the spring heat fully descends on the Baton Rouge area, do yourself and your landscape a favor by performing some lawn and garden preparations to give yourself the best chance for a beautiful yard this summer. 669 more words


Flower of the day-March 22nd

These lovely little Johnny Jump-up (Viola tri-color) plants managed to survive a winter of my neglect. We started these from seed in the fall at the garden where I volunteer and the plants were given to me for my winter planters. 102 more words

Flowering Plants