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That One Time I Failed at Telling People About Myself

So, I am taking five free online courses through the local library. I just “failed” an assignment to “Tell me about yourself.” Now I cannot proceed until I fix that?!? 215 more words


The garden peeking through the snow

This garden is positioned with tall maples and tulip poplars along its southwestern border, with the consequence that snow melts more slowly than on more exposed neighboring properties. 339 more words

My Garden

Variety = Life

They say that “variety is the spice of life.” Although it makes for a cute saying, I feel like that perspective can tend to discount the importance of variety. 2,331 more words

You Can Grow Roses in the Southwest

Yes, you can grow roses in the Southwest. In fact, the Southwest is ideal for roses in many ways. We have ample sun, long days, and a dry climate that reduces that the chance of mildew and fungus problems. 479 more words



We followed the sun westward.

The trip went very well (Icelandair is the best), and landed in a dark and rainy Seattle. After a fairly good nights sleep, and fighting off wakefullness, I got up early and took a walk in the darkness of Ballard. 58 more words


How a Great Commercial Landscaping Service

What do you imagine when you hear the word “landscaping”? Most people envision this: lush greenery blanketing the landscape, punctuated by bursts of colorful flowers in full bloom, shade-providing trees adorned by their own colored foliage, well-positioned wooden or cast-iron garden decors, outdoor furniture for accent or perhaps a pergola covered with creeping vines. 627 more words

Driveway Construction