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Early Summer: Urban Druidry...

The chill left the still air.
The land was caught between breaths.
Unseen, laughing hands took mine
and led me down,
down through lonely alleyways, 102 more words


Emotions and Asperger's

I’m supposed to be exploring water and the emotions for Cat‘s druidry course. (Which I’m nearly at the end of. Can you believe it’s been a year? 1,070 more words


Grey Skies, Galoshes and Greed: the (Druid?) Ethics of Weather Magic

It seems to me (and this is just my interpretation) that there are two types of modern druid magic. In one, the focus is on the images of ancient druids controlling the forces of nature. 912 more words


V is for... Volcanoes

The landscape of Mount St Helen’s transformed my thinking about Chaos and Creation. 960 more words


R is for... Relationship and Reciprocity

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationship, now that I’m preparing to leave Nottingham for my home town of old Londinium. I’ve only been in Nottingham for three years, but it’s been a busy three years. 1,064 more words


M is for... Mighty Monster Trees (and Massive Mountains and Moo-ing Mascots)

“Why, who are you afraid of?” said Peter. “There’s no one here but ourselves.”
“There are the trees,” said the Beaver. “They’re always listening.”

750 more words


E is for... the Elements of the Cosmos

This poorly-written post is brought to you by a week of migraines and missing cats. Sorry. It’s an ‘E’ post, at least!

I spent nearly a year working with the classical four-element structure of magical work. 955 more words