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The Getting Hit On the Freeway Because Dude Wasn't Paying Attention

So this happened last Tuesday…about a week ago. I was just thinking the day before how I haven’t had a close call in a while. Whenever I think that, the universe somehow hears it as a request and provides me with one. 521 more words


Lane-Splitting in California

California is the only state where lane-splitting (or filtering) is legal.  By legal, I mean that it is permitted, but there are no official laws regarding the practice: 406 more words

Commute home, and filtering in the UK

Wow so that was an interesting commute… As with the morning, it turns out that the weather forecast was totally wrong, again. By the time I left work it was raining, and had to go straight out into rush hour traffic at dusk. 348 more words

Rider Tips

How and Why Lane Splitting is Safe and Good

So as a new rider, I’ve not even tried Lane Splitting (known as filtering in the UK) yet. Needless to say it’s probably the thing I’m least confident about attempting. 123 more words


Splitting atoms

Word comes of a lane-splitting bill being introduced in the Colorado General Assembly. 210 more words


999 - Filtering Behind the Emergency Services

Filtering/Lane Splitting behind an ambulance. Good or bad? Let me know in the comments!


The Threshold

Generally I don’t filter at lights.  I personally think it’s rude and entitled.  I have a big-picture vision of uplifting the reputation of motorcycle riders in the eyes of the rest of the people we share the road with.   329 more words