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Back on July 1st, 2014 the New South Wales (NSW) State Guv’mint amended their traffic act to specifically define motorcycle lane filtering and lane splitting. 977 more words


Texas Bill Would Allow Motorcyclists To Lane Split

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DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – One of the latest proposals by some Texas lawmakers to help alleviate traffic congestion is to legalize lane splitting. 218 more words


Washington State Senate Introduces Bill to Legalize Lane Splitting

Earlier this week, Washington state lawmakers discussed a bill introduced by state senator Tim Sheldon that would legalize lane splitting in the state. If passed, Washington would join California as the only states that legally allow lane splitting. 388 more words


Let's Split!

The Washington State Senate today is considering a bill that would allow motorcycles and scooters to “Lane-Split“. Also called Lane-Sharing, Whitelining, and/or… 501 more words


Marijuana, marriage equality... lane splitting?

Among the many bills under consideration by the Washington state Legislature in 2015 is one to allow lane-splitting by motorcycles and scooters. 230 more words


9 Motorcycle News items from 2014 that interested me.

Below are the news items, in no rank order that had the most interest to me in 2014. They run the gamut from touring, racing, safety to just stuff I liked. 799 more words

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