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Lane Splitting: The Right Technique?

You could be reading this in some small bar in Yorkshire or while you’re queuing up at the McDonald in Ampang for that Spicy Chicken McDeluxe you crave so much. 1,177 more words


Driver Blocking Lane-Splitters Caught On Camera

AZUSA (CBSLA.com) — It looked like a routine traffic jam in LA but it suddenly turned dangerous. A woman captured tense moments on the 210 Freeway with her cell phone. 203 more words


How to Commute on a Motorcycle | Get Lowered

I wrote a great piece on how to commute on a motorcycle for Get Lowered on their blog! If you’re interested on a few tips, go check it out! 40 more words

Harley Davidson

Bob and Weave - A Bikers Flight! 

It’s early Monday morning, and there is mad traffic on your normal commute.

Why worry! You are on your bike, all fueled up,a lovely turtlewax finish on the tank. 183 more words

New California Driving Laws For January 1st, 2017: Cellphones, Lane Splitting, & Car Seats!

With the New Year come new California driving laws to pay attention to!

1. You can’t touch your cellphone while driving. Yep, for real. On Sunday, it will become illegal in California to hold your cellphone while operating a vehicle. 275 more words

Motorcycle Lane-Splitting Becoming A Reality In California With CHP Guidelines

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – New guidelines for motorcyclists could be headed to California in 2017. The California Highway Patrol now has the power to provide suggestions on the best way for motorcycles to share the road with other drivers. 443 more words


Lane Splitting Do's and Don'ts | Guide

The passing of the AB-51 bill in 2016 caused a bit of an uproar, but no doubt it finally made lane splitting legal, where it previously was not illegal (confusing? 1,533 more words