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vegancation day three.

woke up and hit up timeless again for a quad almond latte and a garlic cheddar scone. DELISH. finished reading the book that i’ve been reading for the past 6 months. 604 more words

The Little Lanesplitter That Could

It’s been a while since you’ve seen my lanesplitter skirt on the blog, and that’s because it sat 95% finished since June, when all it needed was the bit of knitting that holds the elastic in. 261 more words


Long Bus Rides Are a Knitter's Best Friend

This past weekend I was in New York, Brooklyn to be specific, looking for apartments. We’re not done searching yet, and I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that we’ll probably have to buy our own air conditioning unit. 401 more words



Although I haven’t fallen ill to the Color Affliction yet, and I think those never ending rows of garter stitch will keep me immune, there was a Knitty contagion that was passed around a little while ago. 309 more words


FO: Lanesplitter

When I said Lanesplitter was knitting up quickly, I meant it. It’s already done and I started it like, three days ago. And now I have a finished skirt to wear! 200 more words


Lanesplitter Skirt

Another “I will never knit…” crossed off my list. I have learned not to say I will never knit something, because eventually I will. I used to say I’d never knit a skirt. 103 more words

Fiber Arts

"New Years Resolution: Buy Local Only"

Thus I pensively wrote down on a scrap Scientology flyer at the divey but homey Lanesplitter Pizza on Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA.  Home of my favorite vegan slice in the world, so far.   650 more words