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Tips To Build Your Laneway House

If you have a pre-existing property and want to build a laneway house then you will need to go through some steps to build it right and they are: 409 more words

Laneway Homes

Laneway Houses and the Reason to Move There

A laneway house is a very popular type of house in the west Canada especially in Metro Vancouver area and they typically build in the lofts that are pre-exists which normally in the back yard. 400 more words

Laneway Homes

Smoke and mirrors

Just a few years ago, we Vancouverites were naively chuffed to be told that global climate change would mean warmer, dryer summers.

Imagine! No more rained out picnics!   338 more words

Laneway House

Laneway House And Its Various Designs

Laneway house is a growing into a very popular type of housing in recent times. As the land scarcity is becoming more and more with more and more people coming into the urban areas, therefore the housing has been a big problem and with laneway housing coming into play, it can have a great impact in giving a solution to the existing housing problem. 337 more words

Laneway Homes

The Various Benefits of Laneway Houses in Vancouver

Recently the government in Vancouver has allowed the homeowners with alley access to replace their garages with a second small house and there are a lot of people who love the idea. 373 more words

Laneway Homes