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Constance pedalling

Today started off chilly, and we had been promised rain and storm so we packed up our little room in the Gasthaus accordingly. Breakfast was prompt at 8, with a soft-boiled egg, plenty of bread, cheese, ham and jams, and then our hosts supplied us with a few tools to make adjustments to panniers and brakes. 513 more words


Einkaufsgutschein für Langen

Seit vielen Jahren wurde in Langen überlegt, wie man die Kaufkraft der Menschen im Ort halten oder zurückholen kann. Denn nicht nur der online-Handel setzt den lokalen Geschäften zu, sondern natürlich auch die Verlockungen von großen Einkaufszentren außerhalb Langens. 375 more words


Removing Emacs server file on startup

Since I became a happy user of Org Capture Chrome Extension, I needed to have the ability to properly run emacsclient.

Few words of introduction: emacsclient is a separate binary, which can connect to running Emacs instance, sharing all its resources. 343 more words


C programming with Windows

It’s been almost a year since I switched jobs. In the previous one we had Linux-based development environment for not-so-embedded devices, where I could use C, C++, Python and Bash (with little of node.js on top) in a single project. 508 more words


Werner Herzog: The Force Awakens

“There is a rocky island, far out in the sea. And a second, smaller island. They lie on the far edge of the inhabited world.” 279 more words


Best Shot: Ghostbusters

When Nathaniel asked us to pick the best shot from Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters, I immediately knew which one I’d post. And anybody who ever watched the film with me will know it, too, as I always make sure to point out just how much I love it. 161 more words