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Memory of Langkawi - yes, it's not about places but people (:

I remember a friend of mine told me that what’s harder than starting is finishing what we have started – now as I’m typing it, I just couldn’t agree more. 710 more words

 Terima kasih, Pulau Langkawi

For the first time in a very long while, my mind was quiet. This had something to do with my surroundings; azure blue waters, majestic archipelagos covered by green rain forests on mountainous terrain. 720 more words


Royal Carribbean Cruise Day 4

Woke up with the same set of clothes from the night before. Roomie’s got a bad hangover and I’m just, hungry.  81 more words


Royal Carribbean Cruise Day 3

Arrived at Langkawi on day 3. Woke up to an amazing view of the wondrous blue sea, so pretty. Day 3 was less hectic, other than a few filler shots and scenes, I was just hanging out at my favourite corner; our balcony and the upper deck. 153 more words


Spicy variety in Georgetown

After a month of island-hopping, we felt the need for something a bit different, and Georgetown promised to be exactly that.

Those of you with some knowledge of Malaysia will balk at my error: “But Georgetown IS on an island, you fool!” Yes, yes, I know, but it’s connected to the mainland by a big fat bridge, so it doesn’t count. 1,020 more words


Travel to the Land of Eagle - Langkawi Island - Day 1

This Chinese New Year, our family of four made a 3D2N trip to Langkawi. It was my second trip since 2007/2008 but it was the first trip for my family members. 998 more words