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Watchwords: English is creeping into the Italian language

“Be cool and join the navy.” It sounds like a fair recruitment slogan, if you’re aiming to reach young people who might otherwise have no interest in signing up for the armed forces — and indeed, that sentence formed a key part of a recent advertising campaign. 635 more words

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Letters: Letter made me feel ashamed

Re: “I felt unwelcome visiting Quebec” (Letters to the editor, June 30)

I want to extend my most sincere apology to Daniel Owen, of Saratoga Country, N.Y., and his family for the appallingly rude, inconsiderate and disturbing treatment that he received on his last visit to Quebec. 425 more words


Editorial: There is much to celebrate this Canada Day

Montreal’s Canada Day parade has come a long way since 1977.

Certainly, it has grown bigger — with 7,000 people expected to participate this year and thousands more lining Ste-Catherine St. 511 more words


Letter: Greenfield Park reflects changes in Quebec

As a longtime Greenfield Park resident, I’m somewhat muddled about why our normally peaceful bilingual town has been the centre of the latest Quebec language tug of words. 141 more words


Q & A with Raelke Grimmer

Raelke Grimmer is founder and editor of Tongues, a print and online magazine celebrating linguistic and cultural diversity. She’s also a YA novelist and completing a PhD in creative writing and applied linguistics—in short, she’s a super talented wordsmith and we were excited to hear a bit more about her work and what she’s got on her bookshelf. 1,337 more words


Letter: Descriptor law misses the point

Why do we need legislation forcing all trademark businesses in Quebec to add a French descriptor to their name in order to indicate what the business in question is about? 63 more words

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Letter: Longueuil mayor seems to be intolerant

Only in an environment where fundamental liberties like freedom of expression have been so demeaned for so long could the mayor of Longueuil matter-of-factly decry the fact that Bill 101 doesn’t prohibit an elected official from speaking English at a public meeting. 188 more words

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