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Man charged in stabbings runs into translation challenge in court

A language barrier is standing between a city resident charged with stabbing two people with scissors and his ability to deal with the legal system. 390 more words


Here's how to understand what the kids are saying

Generation Z is here.

The group born after the millennials — from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, with exact years varying — are reaching young adulthood. 744 more words

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Jackson Doughart: Competence matters more than language skills in choosing Supreme Court justices

Changes to the Supreme Court selection process received a lot of attention in Atlantic Canada last week. And justifiably so: with a new emphasis on promoting minorities to the bench instead of regional representation, the region loses its guaranteed seat at a very important table. 636 more words

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Flourishing in a Second Language: Workshop programme

Can learning a second language contribute to first-year university students’ psychological, social and emotional well-being? This question led LCNAU members Dr Antonella Strambi and Dr Ann Luzeckyj, both from Flinders University and Assoc Prof Antonia Rubino, from The University of Sydney, to develop the… 193 more words

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Etymology in dire straits

A very common mistake, and source of linguistic misinformation being passed around, is the assumption that because A resembles some apparently older B, B must be the source of A. 1,254 more words

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Watchwords: British English continues to be distinct

In 1942 the United States War Department issued a pamphlet titled “Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain.”

With the goal of ensuring friendly relations between allies, the pamphlet was full of practical advice for the young GIs, most of whom had never left their country before. 590 more words


Boshra: Sugar Sammy's You're Gonna Rire was exactly what Montreal needed

As show-business titles go, You’re Gonna Rire proved uncommonly prophetic.

Montreal comedian Sugar Sammy’s bilingual show — which he will perform for the final time Thursday night at Place des Festivals as part of the Juste pour rire/Just for Laughs festival — has, in the four and a half years since its debut, become a smash with little precedent, the most successful solo comedy show this city has ever seen, and one that catapulted its creator from merely being a successful comic to becoming a bonafide star. 754 more words

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