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What's it like to coin the term LOL?

Way back in the 1980s, Wayne Pearson was hanging out on a Bulletin Board System, a pre-Internet chat room connecting a local group of Calgarians. 664 more words

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French connection? How the Anglo leaders fare

By Tristin Hopper

National Post

As Tom Mulcair delivered his opening statement at the French leader’s debate Friday, the average English-speaking Canadian might have assumed the NDP leader was speaking flawless, unaccented Montreal French. 445 more words


Subtitled debates would better engage the audience: Opinion

A friend invited me to her house to attend the Radio-Canada leaders’ debate. I accepted on the condition I could watch on the French channel and hear the leaders in their own words and voices. 576 more words


Watchwords: English usage in Gaspé has some distinct differences

If you want a pizza with many toppings, what do you call it? Chances are, if you’re a Montrealer or a Saskatonian (I’m proud to consider myself both), you order an “all-dressed.” That term would baffle Atlantic Canadians who crave “the works.” In most of Western Canada, the favourite expression is “deluxe.” And in much of Ontario, you ask for a pizza with “everything on it.” The words we use, without even thinking about them, speak volumes about who we are. 605 more words

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Opinion: The anglophone community has the constitutional right to elect school boards if it so chooses

The government of Quebec recently announced its intention to abolish school board elections and modify the structure of a number of school boards. Since then, there has been much discussion about whether the government is constitutionally able to abolish English school board elections, in light of the protection Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms affords language minorities of each province. 558 more words


Letter: Give the French school system a try

A lot of people tend to live and work in proximity to the place of their birth. That means many francophones and anglophones born in Quebec will stay in Quebec. 178 more words


Celine Cooper: Stephen Harper's different categories of 'Canadian-ness'

Stephen Harper was probably hoping to leave viewers of last week’s Globe and Mail federal leaders’ debate on the economy with a few solid one-liners to remember. 638 more words