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Life-writing by/about Italians in Australia

Life-writing by and about Italians in Australia continues to be a popular field, as John Gatt-Rutter’s The Bilingual Cockatoo: Writing Italian Australian Lives (2014) illustrates. Antonio Sbirziola has been one of its most successful practitioners. 125 more words

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Watchwords: Student protests shine light on 'strike' and 'kettle' usage

New expressions are startling when you first run across them. Some will disappear like sunrise mist; others will find a permanent home in the language. Let’s take a look at several usages that appear to be making their way into Canadian English. 646 more words

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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-83

Se volete sapere da dove vengono questi segni grafici che state leggendo, la loro storia viene riassunta brevemente da Gregoria nella trasmissione della settimana scorsa.

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When intransitives go transitive

This article was originally published on BoldFace, the official blog of the Toronto branch of the Editors’ Association of Canada.

We’ve all learned that there are two kinds of verbs: transitive and intransitive. 853 more words

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Canadians love raunchy, violent emoji with an especial fondness for poop, SwiftKey report finds

When it comes to emoji, the French like to send a little love 💓, Arabic speakers are fond of flowers 🌸 and Australians share their vices via pixelated pints 🍻. 494 more words


Hello, LA, this is your future talking

My latest article for The Week, “What Americans will sound like in 2050,” has drawn some attention. In particular, it caught the attention of some folks at KPCC, an NPR radio station in southern California. 43 more words

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St-Lazare launches online bulletin in quest to be more green

St-Lazare launched a bilingual, online municipal bulletin which could reshape how the town communicates with residents, Mayor Robert Grimaudo said.

The new virtual monthly bulletin is called 67.5 km2. 469 more words

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