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Literature, Culture, Communication: Research Workshop: Call for Papers

The first event organised by ACIS’s Literature, Culture and Communication Research Group will be a 1.5-day workshop devoted to Exploring and Translating Stratified Multilingual Landscapes… 175 more words

Culture And Society

Pronunciation tip: The One Ring inscription

Everyone knows the inscription inside the One Ring from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, of course, but most of us can’t get the pronunciation quite right. 29 more words

Language And Linguistics

I tell Boston about Celtics

Edgar B. Herwick III, of the National Public Radio station WGBH in my erstwhile stomping grounds of Greater Boston, got me on the phone (Skype, actually) to find out why Celtic music is “keltik” but the Boston Celtics are “seltik.” Of course, I told him. 22 more words

Language And Linguistics

Letter of the Day: The importance of language

I would like to draw your attention to the importance of language when we are referring to individuals who have exceptionalities.

Often the term “disabilities” could be replaced by the term “exceptionalities” or “differences” because it may be that a person is not unable to do something, he or she just does it in a different way. 175 more words


Letters to the editor March 26, 2018

Support workers undervalued

I am a mother of a wonderful child with a disability.

As a parent of a son with a disability, I am concerned about what his future holds so I became a support worker at Elmwood Group Homes (EGH) to learn more about what our community has to offer for people with intellectual disabilities. 677 more words


On wine tasting and grammar

I talk about word tasting regularly. But actual wine tasting has a lot in common with opinions on grammar.

I’ve tasted a lot of wine in a lot of places served by a lot of different kinds of people, and one thing that’s pretty consistent is that the people who know the least about it have the most rigid and snobby opinions. 880 more words

Language And Linguistics

Poetic inversion in all of us command

Originally published in Active Voice, the national newsletter of Editors Canada

Our anthem has been updated! It’s gotten royal assent! If you haven’t yet, you will need to get used to singing “true patriot love in all of us command.” And, perhaps less frequently, to hearing people complain about the change. 448 more words

Language And Linguistics