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Watchwords: The meaning of biddy keeps changing

“A moment of silence please for Oscar winner Marisa Tomei,” a young journalist named Karen D’Souza recently wrote in the San Jose Mercury News. “Don’t fret: She’s not dead. 657 more words

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National Post View: Putting bilingualism before competency

The appointment of judge Russell Brown to the Supreme Court of Canada has been questioned in some quarters, not because of his powers of adjudication, as his professional record is excellent, but because the government did not announce whether he speaks French. 389 more words

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Because language

First published on BoldFace, the official blog of EAC’s Toronto branch. Copyedited by Valerie Borden.

We have a beautiful opportunity to watch language change in action: English is gaining a new preposition. 774 more words

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Barbara Kay: Of course Justin Trudeau wants bilingual judges: he's the product of bilingual privilege

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s seventh appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada is Justice Russell Brown, of the Alberta Court of Appeal, who will replace Justice Marshall Rothstein upon his Aug 31 retirement. 1,353 more words

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Letter: Bilingualism is growing in Canada

I left Quebec for 23 years to live elsewhere in this wonderful country. I spent five years in Victoria, two years in Halifax, 1½ years in Thunder Bay, Ont., five years in Arnprior, Ont., and 10 years in Ottawa. 274 more words


Celine Cooper: Northeastern Lunch sign adds to the mystique of Montreal

In Gabrielle Roy’s 1954 book Alexandre Chenevert (in English, The Cashier), the protagonist is a simple bank teller living in postwar Montreal. Anxious, sickly, irritable, he listens to the radio, reads the newspapers and laments the state of the world. 614 more words

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No such thing as “American English”?

I received this afternoon the following email in response to my latest article for the BBC, “Why isn’t ‘American’ a language?”:


I am surprised by your article at BBC.com today.

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