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Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-80

‘Scandalous!’ she cried as she scanned the horizon. ‘Scandinavery if ever I saw it! These scandaroons are scantling me again. Scanscammers! Scobberlotchers! Scanderbegs! Concetta, give me a hand to check this invasion of scansionists’.

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Watchwords: 'Grexit' is a great example of a portmanteau word

Every now and then, a new word emerges with a clear and evocative meaning. It doesn’t happen often, I grant you. But if you read the business press these days, you may find it hard to avoid the term “Grexit.” It evokes the possibility that Greece might choose to abandon, or be forced to abandon, the euro as its currency. 623 more words

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Editorial: Students require a real French teacher

News this week that a Secondary V class in Châteauguay has been learning French as a second language from the Rosetta Stone program because a qualified French teacher could not be found prompted an incredulous reaction. 514 more words


Happy End[ing]

One of the main phrases I always had to correct my students on was the phrase “happy ending”. In German, they still use the English words…but made it their own by dropping the -ing ending. 22 more words

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City's bilingualism policy not working, uOttawa professor says ahead of book launch

The City of Ottawa’s bilingual policy is a “great deception” because it doesn’t provide francophones with recourse if they feel they have legitimate complaints, says Pierre Foucher, a law professor at the University of Ottawa. 311 more words

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Spotlight on….Translation and Literature

Founded in 1992, Translation and Literature is a tri-annual which is published in March, July and November of each year. It is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal focusing on English Literature in its foreign relations. 195 more words


Il Paroliere: Italian Word of the Week-79

‘Dai, forza, devi cercare di capire cosa possa essere successo’. ‘Sì, d’accordo, ma il cervello non mi funziona più’.’Va bene, ti capisco, ma spremi ancora e ti verrà fuori qualcosa’. 17 more words

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