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Letter: Why not build bilingual schools?

Re: “Major headaches for French students in N.D.G.” (Montreal Gazette, Aug. 27)

It’s always good to read about new schools opening or being built.

Consider the $11.2-million French-language school under construction in St-Lazare. 183 more words


Watchwords: Just what, exactly, does 'redacted' mean?

On Aug. 14, an article appeared on the CBC website under the headline “Nigel Wright redacted Stephen Harper email about Mike Duffy expense controversy, court hears.” The article repeated the first verb in the headline: “Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright redacted an email from the prime minister. 623 more words


Who let that word into the dictionary?

Originally published on The Editors’ Weekly, the blog of Editors Canada

Every so often, Oxford or Merriam-Webster will release a list of words recently added to one of their dictionaries, and many people become grouchy at what they see as awful — or even fake — intrusions that have somehow been bootlegged into the hallowed halls of the official lexicon. 437 more words

Language And Linguistics

Watchwords: English literature is full of unintentional double entendres

When I was a small child living in Western Canada, one of my favourite books was a novel named Swallows and Amazons. It described the adventures of some resilient, independent-minded children in the Lake District of northern England. 635 more words


Letter: A plea to save LaFontaine House

Re: “LaFontaine House worth saving for history’s sake” (Opinion, Aug. 12)

It is to be hoped that the grey, bleak facade of the LaFontaine mansion pictured in the Montreal Gazette is not an omen of its future. 115 more words


Petition asks Quebec to change names of places with N-word

More than 600 people have signed an online petition asking Quebec’s toponymy commission to immediately change the names of 11 geographic sites in the province that include the N-word or the word Nègre. 472 more words

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