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Let's Count in Old English to Eleven and Twelve

In the beginning — and for a long time afterwards — counting was simple, according to what anthropologists can tell us. Early human cultures seem to have had words representing concepts for “one,” “more than one” (meaning something like the English word “few”) and something like “a whole lot.” 796 more words

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A Hong Kong Mystery: Chasing Mice through Cat Alley

You may be a traveler who makes detailed itineraries plotting every accommodation, restaurant and attraction. Or, you may be a vagabond who abhors the notion of schedules, route planning or even fixed destinations. 774 more words


My Bounty is Boundless as the Sea ... Summer Shakespeare

Not many humans are remembered for more than a couple of generations. Even among those whose fame or notoriety persists, only a scant percentage of even famous people remain widely known, often only in a particular culture or nation. 686 more words

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Encounter with the Anarchist

Last weekend, we participated in one of more than 600 demonstrations staged across the United States to protest the federal government’s policy of arresting prospective immigrants as de facto criminals and — specifically and most egregiously — removing children from parents and imprisoning them in separate facilities, incommunicado. 736 more words

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Metonymy, not without Litotes and Synechdoche; I Won't Say It's not Apophasis

Occasionally a phrase crops up in conversation and one of us asks, “What rhetorical device is that?” For example, describing a nectarine as “not unlike a peach.” There’s a term for it, but what is it? 922 more words

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A Guide to Using the Butt Marker

I had occasion to use my butt marker yesterday. If you’ve never used a butt marker, it’s simple and extremely helpful. This article provides some simple instructions for effective use. 916 more words

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It's All My Fault

I’m sorry. Mea culpa. Je regrette. Mi dispiace.

It’s not just me, though. There are a lot of us: All of us who were born after World War II and up to 1960 or so.  861 more words

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