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Greek Mythology Like Never Before

My fourth grade students have been studying Greek Mythology over the past few weeks, and it’s been so much fun. I’ve taught this content before, of course, but never quite this in depth, and never with some of the techniques we’ve been using. 278 more words


Tweaking the Approach to Guided Reading

Right before Winter Break, my fourth grade partner and I spent a day looking at student literacy data and talking about ways we could better meet the needs of our four dozen or so students. 538 more words

Fourth Grade

February Photos

Please enjoy pictures of our Honey Bears in Math & Science!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Please enjoy pictures of our Pandas in Language Arts!

KODAK Digital Still Camera… 160 more words


February Preschool/Kindergarten Photos

Please enjoy pictures of our Honey Bears in Creative Expression!

Please enjoy pictures of our Pandas in Gym & Music!

Please enjoy pictures of our Koalas in Math & Science! 90 more words



       It was the middle of summer and me and my friends were going to the park with our scooters and a soccer ball. When we were getting out of the house I ride the scooter to the park and in the middle of our way to the park I trip over a rock and my whole leg gets scraped with blood all over my leg. 47 more words

Language Arts

ELA February 21-24

We will finish the play A Midsummer’s Night Dream this week and prepare for your exam on the novel, which will be on Monday, February 27th. 26 more words

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