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The Internet and Language Change

There are two main things that the Internet is good at. Letting people meet other people who share interests/weirdnesses, and creating arguments. 1,919 more words

'Language changes, deal with it'

Last October the writer Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett told her followers on Twitter how her boyfriend had reacted to her new Georgia O’Keeffe print—by complaining that ‘you’ve put a big vagina on our wall’. 1,919 more words

Writing from the past: Responding to John Humphrys

When I was in Year 10, English Language still had a coursework component (I don’t think most exam boards do this for GCSE anymore). One of these pieces of coursework was to write an article/letter in response to another article on language change. 727 more words

English Language Articles

Language is Always Changing

Yesterday I read a great article from Mental Floss, “4 Changes to English So Subtle We Hardly Notice They’re Happening.”

Language is indeed always changing.  That’s how we got modern English from middle English, and, before that, old English.  660 more words

Well Grammared

What's "y'all" got to do with "thee" and "thou"?

  • In my morning routine, in the hustle and bustle of getting myself to work, it hit me, y’all… In linguistics, basically, language/words/parts of speech are a function of human behavior.
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Not nice, not silly, actually rather awful

My latest article for The Week is about words with meanings that have travelled quite a bit over the centuries. It’s not that they’ve clouded or warped the senses, but their histories are likely to throw you, or at least leave you in doubt. 9 more words

The Week

Fundamentals of Linguistics Notes Dec 01 2016

As language changes, all aspects can change. From phonology to syntax, etc.

Slepen – old English for . It is not uncommon for language to drop off the last syllables, i.e. 223 more words