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Apostrophes - Keep or Not?

There’s big discussions about whether apostrophes should be kept or not? is it really going to make such a difference if they’re gone? Personally, I don’t think so. 267 more words

Apostrophes - should we ban them?

A council has decided to abolish apostrophes on its street signs because staff spend too much time dealing with punctuation complaints. Some people are up in arms, saying it’s “dumbing down” and “linguistic anarchy”. 77 more words


Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

People love to correct other people’s grammar, spelling, and usage. What better way to establish superiority or to discredit someone’s argument! And that’s what it’s about, isn’t it? 405 more words

Singlish damn shiok lah, can speak or not?

My latest article for the BBC is on Singlish, which is the local multilayered vernacular of Singapore. I’m not a Singlish speaker myself, but I happened to have a couple of good sources and a fair bit of useful research. 42 more words


Swearing: Part One - Etymology

Swearing plays a useful and important role in our language, with the same word often describing anger, pain or pleasure. While everyone has their idiosyncrasies – my granny’s being… 561 more words


The dumbest rules are the ones we invent for ourselves

ICYMI: John McIntyre recently put out a call in the Baltimore Sun and related social media for the most boneheaded prescriptions anyone’s ever tried to pass off as “rules” of English. 1,143 more words


Lost for words: 14 expressions that have vanished

A lovely insight into just some of the words which are now considered obsolete in English.  Have a look here:


Lovely resource for A Level Language students