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Language Lost and Found

Languages which are taught and studied are usually divided into two major cohorts:

  1. Living Languages, such as English, Spanish and Chinese
  2. Dead Languages, such as Latin, Ancient Greek and Sanskrit…
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Systems And Skills

A matter of opinion

I feel like opinion pieces on the state of the language are getting more annoying all the time.

If you’re wondering where that came from, the answer is that I’ve just read… 1,474 more words

And yet it changes

Anthimeria is the formal term for when a word is used as another part of speech – what happens when nouns are verbed (and vice versa), when adjectives slide into noun- or verb-hood, when nouns get stacked adjectivally onto other nouns. 619 more words


The Guardian Vs The Guardians of Grammar

The Guardian has been publishing some great stuff lately. Today they posted this article on spurious grammar rules. Within the piece, there is a link to… 65 more words

Language Change

Weird Words – Brits vs Yanks

A few hundred years ago, English-speakers sailed away to the New World, taking our language with them. Since that time, a whole ocean has separated us, so the English language on American soil was inevitably going to become a different beast. 558 more words

Weird Words

The dark history of idioms

Dr. Franz Andres Morrisey has been investigating the origins of phrases like ‘red herring’, ‘sweet Fanny Adams’ and ‘ by the skin of my teeth. … 12 more words

Language Change

"Who's Absent ?" Being AWOL in World War One -- language, identity, and the "absentee"


Language is full of apparently incidental words which nevertheless – given the right circumstances – can find themselves freighted with highly topical meaning. Absentee… 1,149 more words

First World War