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Words, glorious words

Or at least, how they sound.

I found this earlier and thought I’d share with you all. I loved listening to the changes in the word sounds, it’s absolutely fascinating. 8 more words


Weird Words – 5 surprising word origins you'd never guess

As a writer, I’ve always been interested in how language changes, develops and evolves. How words change their meaning because of the way we use them. 373 more words

Weird Words

In the Mx

A recent Words We’re Watching post at Merriam-Webster online singled out the gender-neutral honorific Mx. as a trend worth paying attention to, enough so that it had been added to M-W unabridged dictionary. 478 more words


Weird Words — from "totes" to "selfie" to "lol"

Man in 2016: “Could you Facebook me that selfie of us asap?”
Man in 1916: “Could I what you that what of us what?!”

Once upon a time, “text” was only a noun, “tweet” was just something birds did, and there was no such thing as a “selfie”. 431 more words

Weird Words


Graphological features are a weaker framework to include in an essay on language change but there are still useful observations for analysis to comment on. The key to evaluating graphology is to interpret how visual features impact and give meaning to a text. 279 more words




  • Believe there is a correct way to use language and seek to preserve standard forms-condemning ‘irregular’ use.
  • Revere standard English and received pronunciation (RP) as superior…
  • 834 more words

From plural to singular, three times over

Plurals and singulars are not hewn in stone. Plurals, especially those of foreign extraction, are regularly mistaken for singulars, and – sometimes – vice versa. 551 more words