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Our strange language, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love language change

Let’s start with four hard truths:

  1. Language changes.
    Language is used by living, changeable people who are constantly being gradually replaced by new people who learn it in different circumstances and get different ideas about it.
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Daily Prompt: Profuse

Profuse is one of those weird words that I hear now and again and I know the meaning of by context — “You have my profuse apologies” or “He spent a profuse amount of money on that house.”  But I never looked it up.  663 more words

Daily Prompt

How emoji hijacked the humble Aubergine

Text your gran an emoji of an Aubergine – see what she replies.  676 more words

"I have a theory"

No, person saying this, you probably don’t. You most likely have a hypothesis. While I don’t go around correcting people when they say “I have a theory” when they most obviously… 425 more words

Daily Prompt

D is for Dictionary

(This post was timed to coincide with the most recent update of the Macmillan English Dictionary, and first appeared on the  Macmillan Dictionary blog here… 814 more words

English Language Teaching

English without the English

With Brexit negotiations underway, English may be removed as an official EU language. Could this be just what it takes for a new form of English – Euro English – to evolve? 1,564 more words

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Keyboard language change

Sometimes we need to change keyboard language or Layout to do the work. Everybody we know that we can use multi keyboard in windows operating system. 329 more words