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Bandying libfixes about

I have a couple of new posts up at Macmillan Dictionary Blog.

It’s a libfix-aganza! looks at those productive word-bits dubbed libfixes by linguist Arnold Zwicky… 285 more words


Marx and Fissures

I spent a good amount of time this weekend thinking against Marxist thought, and in particular European thought seeing as how we are in Anthropology (all while fully acknowledging how Anthropology came to be). 1,588 more words


Not a one

Oh, daily prompt, what a can of worms you opened up with your prompt today.  Asking what word people would ban from general usage if they could. 1,269 more words

Daily Prompt

Chatspeak: A disgrace to the English language, or covert spelling reform?

A brief analysis of SMS and IM shorthand word creation

An Introduction to Chatspeak

Chatspeak is a modern-day shorthand—a series of abbreviations intended to hasten note-taking—that evolved through the use of certain digital communication technologies. 2,391 more words


How languages evolve: the neurophysiology call view

Call it diversification, distancing, dumbing down or death, language change is an ongoing dynamic process and it’s happening as we speak. More than my weak pun, … 47 more words

Language Change

Nomenclature in the Great Punctuation Debate

Punctuation has been around since ancient Greece and still no one can agree on its usage. Here, the Vocabularist at the BBC attempts to unravel some of the etymological clues as to the Greek squiggles’ original purposes.

Language Change