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totally gonna geek out on y'all

So me and the hubs went out yesterday to run errands and on a whim we went to the Goodwill (it’s a charity shop for those not living in the USofA), and look what I found there! 309 more words

Daily Stuffs

Zeppelinphobia !

‘This item is from The Great War Archive, University of Oxford (www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ww1lit/gwa); © ’

Zeppelins featured, of necessity, in the Words in War-Time archive from the early weeks of war. 1,503 more words

Link love: language (62)

For your weekend-and-beyond reading pleasure, a roundup of language-related items I’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks:

Gibberish as a tool of empowerment for girls. 371 more words


Declining standards or changing attitudes?

Have people always complained about declining standards? By the look of this post, the answer is probably yes.

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Grammar & Usage

When awesome isn't awesome

“Her dress was awesome “.

Not an uncommon phrase to hear tossed around with frivolous abandon.

But was it? Was it really? Did her dress truly inspire awe in you?

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When you realize that tweets are the future

That moment when you start a live chat with @VerizonSupport and think, "Oh god what have I gotten myself in to…." pic.twitter.com/F2TRK2FuwT

— Andrew Spittle (@andrewspittle) …

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Excellense in Englis - the decline or evolution of the language?

Is the language dying?  A recent column in The Economist (Johnson: A long decline) asks the question from the perspective of a steadfast native British English speaker, looking around themselves and finding that the language they think they speak is, in fact, no longer spoken by those around them.   533 more words