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Welcome to the Jungle!

Before you know it, the weather will finally warm up and outdoor activities and trips will be easier to accomplish with your little one. Trips to the zoo are always a hit, but before you bring your child out to meet the real animals, you can help him/her learn animal names and sounds by creating your own indoor jungle. 208 more words

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Developing language with your child: talking about family photos using Photo Buttons app

Talking about photos is an enjoyable way of developing your child’s understanding and expressive language skills. I recently stumbled across this free app as a fun way of talking about family and friends with my toddler. 158 more words

Preschool Language

Focused Feedback

Some kids will need more than subtle feedback (described here)  to realize they do/say anything differently than anyone else. As these kids get a little older and approach the age of… 315 more words

The Art of Sabotage

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and tricky little leprechauns, using sabotage can be a valuable strategy when expanding your child’s expressive language skills. Here are some tips and tricks for using sabotage at home with your little ones.  407 more words

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What are the mark making and scribbling stages?

What are the different stages of mark making and scribbling?

How do children learn to write?  It begins with mark making experiences and scribbling for older infants and toddlers.  30 more words

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The Impression Game

Not all children are able to develop social communication skills without support. Some children have to learn about other people’s perspective from direct teaching.  These children often need to practice and role play in small group settings.   504 more words


milk, bread, and eggs.

Let’s talk dramatic play: a specific type of play that enhances early learning through language development, social skills, higher order thinking and so much more. Sounds intense but it’s really oh, so simple! 217 more words

Dramatic Play