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Developing Play Skills

Play is an important part of childhood. Not only does play develop your child’s imaginative thinking, it also helps develop their language skills, turn-taking, sharing and problem solving skills. 421 more words

Language Development

How Children Flourish in Multilingual Environments

Joy is a student at Tufts University and an intern at LEX in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her understanding of multilingualism is informed not only by her academic studies, but also by her own experience growing up multilingual in… 904 more words

Language Clubs

Fun with Syllables

During my previous post, I talked about the “stair steps” for climbing toward fully developed phonological awareness skills. The most important take away from that post was that all children need the same skills for literacy development, but they will attain them at their own pace. 1,044 more words

Genie the Wild Child

In this week’s lecture for lifespan development studies we looked again at the two different kinds of aphasia called “Broca’s Aphasia” and “Wernicke’s Aphasia”. That’s nothing new anymore, and while it’s one of my favourite neuropsych topics, what really had me leaning in to pay attention was this case of a young Californian girl who was locked away in a room in complete isolation for the first thirteen years of her life. 112 more words

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Raising my Baby in Chinese

Some of you may not know this but I’m raising my son in Mandarin Chinese. While I have native-like speaking abilities, I’m a heritage learner; I’m… 806 more words


Observing vs. Mindreading

When a child is very young and/or doesn’t talk much (… yet!) it seems like we (parents and 919 more words
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