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Birthday Party Success

Birthday parties. Who doesn’t love them? There is cake and presents and friends. We all know my obsession with birthday cake, so that in itself gets me real jazzed about birthdays. 491 more words

What do YOU see? 

Sweet Sweet Boy loves watching people and what’s going on around him. Sitting in the shopping cart or stroller is a lot of fun for him and keeps him entertained for quite some time. 266 more words


Baby Talk

“… Verbally engaging with babies—listening to their gurgles and coos and then responding, conversation-style—may speed up their language development more than simply talking at them or around them.” 224 more words

This is your brain on communication

I love TED talks and the amazing speakers.  This video is a great discussion about the brain and how it works with languages.

Will Multiple Languages Confuse My Young Child?

I will answer that with a resounding, “No!”  In fact, the critical period for language development is from birth to age five. Infants can begin to differentiate languages by seven months of age!   437 more words

May Literacy Activity Calendar

Check out these simple literacy activities that you can do each day of the month!

You will find the most current literacy activity calendar here: 21 more words

Everyday Literacy

Play Dates For Baby

Play Dates For Baby

Planning play dates for your baby with other babies his or her age are great for all.  When your baby is under 6 months it is more beneficial to you than to your baby.  198 more words