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3 to 5 years old - Reading Readiness: Auditory Discrimination

Character and personality abound!  Your 3- 5 year old may be quietly observing the world around, or demonstrating determination and persistence.   Remember to provide numerous and varied learning opportunities because children do not all learn at the same time, or in the same way. 691 more words

Phonological Awareness

The Importance of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes are the main ingredients that keeps a Pre school environment alive and fun for the children. Music is food for the soul, that is what they say right? 632 more words


Teach Children the Skills to Resolve Conflict: Make your own Magic Problem-Solving Wands

Knowing how to resolve conflict is super important in life, right? It’s actually quite a complex skill to learn. The younger children are when they begin to develop strategies to resolve conflict the better they will be at it when they are adults. 576 more words


Nurturing Emotional Wellness

How does one begin to raise a preschooler into an emotionally well-rounded person?  One of the best ways to start a conversation around emotions is with books and stories. 219 more words


Concepts – formed or found?

The other day I found the following in a debate on Facebook:

Forming new concepts requires the active, volitional use of measurement-omission (remember that forming concepts is literally a volitional, not automatic process).

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