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Operation Ready by 3 launches #Readyby3 which focuses on language- and relationship-based learning to prepare children 0-36 months for 21st century schools

There are many products and toys available to parents and caregivers these days that are aimed to get babies and toddlers ready for school.  They vary in cost, ease of use, and accessibility.  627 more words

Growth Spurts

It’s almost funny, now that I have over 2 years of experience in this parenting gig, I can spot a growth spurt a mile away. 533 more words

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It is never too early for children to learn a second language, say experts

Life, South China Morning Post

It’s never too early for infants to begin learning a second language as it can greatly improve cognitive skills later in life, visiting experts tell Mabel Sieh… 1,027 more words

Language Development

La cumpleañera at 2!

E will be two in a couple of weeks and she’s in a period of language explosion! Spanish is definitely her strongest spoken language at the moment but she does understand a lot of English too. 225 more words

Modifications and Accommodations for English Learners

Modifications and Accommodations for English Learners

Knowing how to modify instruction and assessment for English Learners (ELs) can be difficult. There are multiple considerations to be made and factors that might make an accommodation appropriate for one student and not for another. 565 more words

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Micro blog: The walking dictionary (for beginners)

Aviana is coming along nicely with learning new words.  I have lost count of the number of words she knows but it is well over 50, may be even 100, and the other day she actually put two words together that she came up with herself, in context of the situation….”Daddy gone?”.  104 more words



Welcome to the Communication Corner.  For the last ten years, I’ve  worked exclusively with children.  It’s been a humbling and emotional experience, to say the least. 143 more words