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Reading Readiness: Animal Sounds

What was that?

You Tube Video:  20 Amazing Animals sounds by oxbridge baby

Detecting environmental and animal sounds, listening to them, and then identifying these sounds are… 521 more words

Phonological Awareness

I Suoni Acquired Unconsciously

One night, at dinner time, the phone rang. My 3- year-old son dashed to answer it and said, “Hello, Hiraoka speaking.” In Japan, this is a common way to answer the phone, giving the family name. 763 more words

Language Clubs

Writing Picture Stories

I have hundreds of photos of children from over the years, yet only one photo is on my desk.  This scene was a party that children wanted because we read books and wrote stories.  367 more words

Brain Building for Your Baby

Research tells us that the first 3 years of life are the most significant in the growth of your child’s brain.  The brain is built through positive, loving interactions with you and filling your child’s world with words.   158 more words

Language Development

Ruang Konsultasi

Ada satu tempat yang selalu berhasil membuat hancur hati saya. Tempat dimana saya mendapat hasil diagnosa, mendapat hasil reevaluasi-reevaluasi Jr selama ini. Tempat dimana seakan-akan saya mendapatkan vonis berat. 309 more words