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Must Read: Study listens in on speech development in early childhood

The Medical Xpress website has taken a look at a new research study that looks at toddler language development. The study has interesting implications for NQF services, with results suggesting that children’s cognitive development at 2 far exceeds their language skills. 85 more words

Must Read

30 Days of Blogging, Day 11

There are these moments, with a toddler, where they change overnight. They level up suddenly, and seem like a totally new model of their old self. 331 more words


The Role of Education is to Broaden Our Minds

A child without education is like a bird without wings

A popular Tibetan Proverb goes… ‘A child without education is like a bird without wings’. Many people view this as cliché, but we all know how true this is. 1,351 more words

Sibling Play

I recently came across this video from a few years ago of my own kids, and it got me thinking about all of the skills infants and toddlers can learn by playing with their older siblings. 337 more words


New Finds for the New Year!

I’ve stumbled across a few goodies in recent months that I’m finding fun and useful.

Matching Emoji Cards

I’ve used these colorful cards from the Target Dollar Spot to talk about emotions in a fun, culturally relevant way.    333 more words

Language Development

New Study Links Pregnant Women Taking Acetaminophen with Language Delays in Baby Girls

Two-year-old girls whose mothers took acetaminophen during their pregnancies had higher rates of language delays compared to those whose mothers did not, finds a new study. 820 more words

The Hot Topic of Screen Time

As a therapist and as mom of a nearly-3-year-old this is a very relevant topic in my life and I thought I should weigh in. In this day and age information is everywhere. 742 more words

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