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Summer School Reloaded

Since a lot of us are running Summer School and Summer Camps around the country and indeed the world I have been posting a few old and new tips for my Facebook… 644 more words


Communication is a collaboration

It takes (at least) two people to communicate. The transfer of information does not happen in a void. Lots of professional people have written professional things about this, everywhere from brain injury journals to Star Trek fan forums. 447 more words


Something Fishy

I’m continuing through my summer of thematic teaching and offering you ideas of simple learning activities that you can do at home to encourage language learning. 183 more words

Language Development

Alison Gopnik

Alison Gopnik is a Professor of Psychology and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley. She is one of the foremost experts on children’s learning and was the first to propose that the study of children’s thought processes can help answer deep philosophical questions. 112 more words


Phonological Awareness - Fonologiese Bewustheid

This topic has been adequately and actually quite brilliantly covered – in English.  But …. I can’t find anything in Afrikaans.  So, just in case somebody is looking for something to share with Afrikaans teachers or with teachers who have to teach Afrikaans kiddies to begin to read, here is the Afrikaans version of a handout which I compiled and found useful – back in the days.

Fonologiese bewustheid


Amazing Language Network in Our Brains!

Last month we spent a week visiting my stepson in Spain.  Although we didn’t do homestays, we had many lovely interactions with the locals. This trip seemed to flip a switch activating the Spanish language I’ve been accumulating through LEX.  427 more words

Language Clubs

Exploring the Library for Your Classroom

The other day, a colleague asked me about books for his child. He knew that his son liked books that have flaps and he was looking to introduce his son to some new books to promote a love for reading. 686 more words