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First Word!

We’re calling it! T’s first word is “bubble,” pronounced “ba-buh” or “ba-bwah.”

I wrote here about how we weren’t sure if T’s attempts at “bubble” counted as a word. 59 more words

Language Development

Some thoughts on error correction

This is my first proper video post (although I did record some voice-overs for this post) and it was brought about by an article I read this morning. 22 more words


Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces

When your baby gets old enough to start playing, create a safe space for them to play and move. It’s a very good idea to give your baby to have their own personal space to play in—you might not realize it, but babies need independence and room to move and develop learn about the world around them! 273 more words


Please, speak Cantonese to your children!

Obviously this applies to Cantonese-speaking parents… :) but the underlying principle is the same, no matter what your home language is. I’ve been thinking about this issue since I visited Hong Kong in March, and met with many lovely parents who were all attempting to raise their children to be bilingual. 810 more words


Story Box

Story Box
Anne Laval
Laurence King Publishing
Open up Story Box and you will find a set of twenty double-sided jigsaw pieces – a mix of beginnings, middles and endings – that can be arranged and rearranged to tell a whole host of different stories. 477 more words


Singing to Babies

(Note: a lot of the research with infants I’ve been writing about has been done with normally-hearing infants. Although there’s a lot of great research on children with Cochlear Implants, I’m finding that there’s less research on children with mild hearing losses, especially for infants and in interesting areas like music. 815 more words
Language Development

7 Reasons to Include Music in Library Storytimes

When I was young and attended the “story hour” at my public library, there was a nice older lady who sat on a chair in front of a circle of children and read books. 795 more words