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How Fathers Influence their Child's Language and Cognitive Development

Dads, did you realize your parenting stress can affect your child’s language and cognitive development? A study done by Harewood, Vallotton & Brophy-Herb (2017) found that fathers’ parenting stress predicts lower cognitive scores in children. 96 more words

Fall 2018

Should You Still Use Infant-Directed Speech For An Infant With Hearing Aids?

You have probably heard of Infant-Directed Speech (IDS) before, and possibly used it yourself if you have a child. This type of speech is how we talk to babies, where we exaggerate words and sounds and use a higher pitch than if we were talking to an older child or adult. 464 more words

Fall 2018

4 Ways to Enhance Language Development

Have you noticed that your child is not talking as much or as advanced as other children? Most children experience language delays and may need a little encouragement or extra help to improve their language skills. 491 more words

Fall 2018

What to Expect at 4 Months Old (Give or Take)

Ahalya is four months old today. She can spend about 15-30 minutes alone, by herself, without a fuss now. That is if she’s fed and full and not too sleepy or cranky. 354 more words

Month 4

Could I Impact My Little Sibling's Learning?

In previous literature, it has been shown that the amount of children a family has is negatively related to academic outcomes. In other words, the more kids you have, the less intelligent they will likely be. 432 more words

Fall 2018

Bedtime Reading

A new introduction to our sleep routine now is reading a little baby book just before bedtime, soon after our night sponge. I introduced her to colourful board books with 5-8 pages at most and she loves them! 64 more words

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