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New Year, New Challenge

Slightly over a month ago, I described my biggest sabbatical self-challenge as practicing English with a kid. After staying with a couple more Turkish kids, I am not that nervous around them anymore. 60 more words


making connections

In my last post, I scratched the surface of how I ended up in Taiwan. In this post, I’ll scratch the surface of what made me stay. 1,256 more words


The most popular posts written in 2017

It’s the end of another year on the English with Kirsty blog, so I decided to look at which posts from this year have been most popular. 520 more words

Tips For Students

Beautiful Words With No Exact English Translation (2)

When you are showing your support to someone, what will you say? In English, we often say “Go! You can do it!” or “Do Your Best!”. 263 more words


Beautiful Words With No Exact English Translation (1)

There are many beautiful words in both Chinese and English. Today, I am going to share this beautiful Chinese word with you that does not have an exact translation in English:) 192 more words


The Five Phrases/Words You Might Not Want to Use in US

1. Never mind

I said this for many times when I first came to the United States. When someone accidentally pushes me or something like that, I always said “Never mind” to tell them it’s fine and I don’t care. 351 more words


Takatsuki Settsukyo Park River Walk

While I was visiting it turned out there was also going to be a hiking event with a group my friend had gone with before so I joined in. 566 more words