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Takatsuki Settsukyo Park River Walk

While I was visiting it turned out there was also going to be a hiking event with a group my friend had gone with before so I joined in. 566 more words


An apple a day

Staying balanced by teaching English

After 15 years of teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Prague (with a few gaps for birthing babies), this year I decided to quit. 1,494 more words

Czech Republic

Language exchange

Our Language Exchange programme is now completely online! Do join in for meeting a Language Exchange partner. You are then most welcome to use the Language Centre as your chatting ground! 56 more words

Self-taught VS Language Classes

People often ask whether it’s possible to learn a language by yourself, or whether you need to take up language classes in order to be proficient.  836 more words

How can I learn some Mandarin - Chinese? 

There are many way’s you can learn some Mandarin if you are thinking about going to China. I thought that I’d share a collection of things that may be useful to others. 326 more words


Beginner Self-Study Strategies and Korean Easy Self-Study 1

Learning a language is never all that easy, and it’s especially not that easy when you end up trying to learn said language all by yourself through self-study. 1,390 more words


learn Korean in less than 10 days!

So you want to learn Korean but when you start you run away because the language looks and sounds like a puzzle that you think you’ll never figure out. 424 more words