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Spinning through Fall trying not to fall down

What did you do this past week? Trek up any mountains? Dance to some Country Rock music? Shop until your arms were sore? Exchange one language for another? 1,097 more words


Arriving to an English-speaking country - 3 crucial tips

As an English teacher, I’ve been able to visit many countries, arriving with the intention of living there and starting a new life. So I know how difficult it is, especially when you are not 100% confident with the language. 951 more words

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10 Weeks into University

A long time since I blogged, huh?

I totally neglected this space since the last time I wrote here. The last time, I was in contemplation whether to accept the course and now, I am already almost nearing the end of my first semester. 270 more words


50 English Learning Resources - No more excuses!

If you’ve ever been unsure about where to practice English, this extensive list will give you enough ideas to practice everyday for a lifetime, and no more excuses to avoid learning. 250 more words

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My first Russian speaking experience...?

Hey guys, it’s been a while! I’ve been a bit busy with *~*real life*~* (jk everyone knows I don’t have a life) but I am here with some exciting progress in my Russian journey :) 656 more words


Italy 3: Let There be Languages!

So from this point on I got totally stuck in! My art course was going swimmingly; as well as all the drawing techniques I was learning, I was working on an acrylic portrait of my cousin. 396 more words

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How to perfect your English (or any language)- Moving from B2 to C1

A typical problem that my students are experiencing when they first start their classes, is that they have reached the B2 English stage, but are unable to advance to the next level of proficiency. 922 more words

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