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Is GoCambio the new way to go?

Everyone has something to trade.  AirBnB allows you to rent out your spare bedroom, but what about your ability to speak English?

This is the premise of… 142 more words

Learn Italian

Starting Danish Language Exchanges

Recently I’ve started doing language exchanges over skype with a Dane who is also willing to practise his English. I signed up to this conversation exchange… 165 more words


젓가락 Chopsticks

During the weekend I spent time with two of my Korean friends at 북경반점 just having a drink and chatting. We somehow went on saying Chopsticks in Korean. 103 more words


LEの遠足〜ヤギを追いかけて〜/LE Field Trip〜Chasing Goats〜

One of our weekly language exchange topics is a discussion of what we did over the weekend. Trying to tell a story in a different language is a challenge, even when I bring a lot of notes! 525 more words

Language Exchange

How I incorporate my Japanese language learning into my daily life

I’ve received a few messages on Twitter asking how I incorporate my Japanese language learning into my day so I had an idea that maybe it would be a cool to make a top 5 list of the things which have helped me so far… 734 more words


[REVIEW] HelloTalk - Language Exchange App

When it comes to learning a new language everyone has different techniques which work for them, some learn on their own and others like myself attend classes either through a language school or perhaps at university. 663 more words


조성식 생일축하해! Happy Birthday Josh Jo!

We celebrated one of our member’s birthday last week at 북경반점 and had a blast!

송식 was a member since he landed in Vancouver but recently got a new job and is working hard so we had to play hard tonight! 226 more words