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언어교환과 진화하는 언어학습 스타업

Skype를 통한 Tutoring 교육을 받고 계신 지인께서..  “다른 대안은 없나요?”

유료/무료 언어교환프로르램 사이트, 공개영어교육자료 소개사이트와 Language learning 스타트업도 같이 리스트업 해 봤습니다.. AI, Natural language processing, Big Data를 활용하여 러닝커브를 가속화시켜주는 스타트업 등 Crunchbase에서 열거 되는 스타트업만 380여개입니다. 69 more words

DS Startup

Conversation exchange and the din in my head

As someone with depression and anxiety, one of the things I struggle with is too much brain noise: my mind stuck in a loop, the same upsetting thoughts rattling around and around and around again. 414 more words

Language Learning

Making Friends in Buenos Aires (or Any City)

Spending two months in a foreign city could get more than a tad lonely all by yourself. My brother being with me for the first few weeks helped me ease into the city, nevertheless, I’m a very social person so I wanted to make at least a few friends, plus this is also a great way to discover authentic sides of a new destination, but where to begin? 1,145 more words

Je T'Aime Travel

It is getting really hard for me to remember, what I actually did last week. I was seldom at home and mostly I am practicing Spanish and German. 268 more words


Language Exchange

I think many of you readers know by now that I am seeking to improve my French language skills.

Once upon a time, many years ago while I was still in university, I visited a language exchange website called mylanguageexchange.com.   383 more words


Postcrossing, conversation exchange, and the joy of human connection

Do you all know about Postcrossing? It’s a website where you sign up to send postcards to random people around the world (and then receive some in return, of course!). 408 more words

Language Learning