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Falling for Foreign Places

It’s a funny thing, that greener grass on the other side…

I recently met an Italian man named Marco who describes the United States the same way I would describe Italy…exciting, rich in culture and history, immense natural beauty, and people that are more open and friendly than back home. 658 more words


Language Exchange: HelloTalk

Since I started to learn Japanese, I tried many different applications to study; dictionary applications, reading applications, video lessons… However, since I’m a third year engineering student in university and very busy with school work; I couldn’t continue using them regularly for a long time. 401 more words


Nezzie, the little mouse that carries happiness.

Today, I wanted to write a little something about a special project I had worked on last year with a very special friend of mine. She and I met via a simple little website called… 477 more words

Random Moments

Why I Know Education is Where I Belong

So today went better than I thought work-wise, even though for once physical problems were what threatened to derail things. That being said I was so insanely tired when I woke up I had to go back to sleep and wake up again at 10. 1,047 more words


How to Immerse Yourself in Japanese

It is commonly said that the best way of learning a language is to live in the country of the language and, I confess, I have long used this as an excuse for not studying Japanese. 737 more words


Finding a language exchange partner (and other ways of practicing)

I have finally decided to write my first article and I am going to talk about what I do to practice a foreign language. When I say practice, I mean writing or speaking a language. 1,507 more words


Ô Monde Neuf, Ô Splendide Monde!

March 22th, 23th, 24th, 25th

“O brave new world/ That has such people in’t!”—Act V, Scene 1, The Tempest, William Shakespeare.

My memorable Senior Project in Paris officially ended when I arrived at Philadelphia yesterday afternoon. 629 more words

Westtown School