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The seafood dining language fail (sexual favours were not on the menu)

Place de Clichy – population: every seedy male in France, and your teenage daughter.

We were a group of 7 at Le Wepler brasserie, a Parisian institution in the heart of the red light district. 397 more words


My sarcastic comment lost on angry French moped rider

What I lack for in French, I make up with knack for sarcasm. Unfortunately only one of these forms of communication is widely recognised in France. 478 more words


I’d love you to...

E. and I had been dating for, I dunno, 36 hours?, when we found our new relationship being tested by the limits of my French. 447 more words


やさい(Yasai) or やすい(Yasui)? (Vegetable or Cheap?)

Since my Japanese skills still is like… none existing, I sometimes makes mistakes that leads to funny situations~

Kaori and I (The landlady) were going to a food store to get some goodie goodie food for dinner! 255 more words


New Japanese restaurant named はな毛 (nose hair), sighted in Germany, actually has a Japanese owner!

If you’re located outside of Japan, think of some Japanese restaurants around you and chances are their names contain easily recognizable, if uninspired, nouns like “sakura,” “Tokyo,” or “Fuji.” For instance, near me are eateries like Umi, Kaze, Samurai Boston, and countless Teriyaki House’s. 581 more words


'Super' n'est pas 'mega cool'

Many English speakers in Brussels have a propensity for what I’ve come to call ‘linguistic pseudo deprecation’. This typically involves an ostensible complaint about some linguistic error that said native English speaker has come to frequently make and claims to feel ashamed about. 373 more words

Neden kidecik

Little cat is really helping me learn Turkish….