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Language Games

There are many language games used in different languages. A few of them are as follows – 169 more words



Philosopher Sandy Grant in Aeon on Wittgenstein and his language-games:

How playing Wittgensteinian language-games can set us free

We live out our lives amid a world of language, in which we use words to do things. 513 more words

Philosophy Of Pain

Wittgenstein’s Blue Book

In this, our first encounter, I ask you to question everything that I am going to say. To do that, please imagine yourself as bodyless, odorless, timeless, and just be explanandum. 1,520 more words


Color Cards Discussion

This is a great activity that can be adapted for many different discussions. Whether it’s a discussion about a book students are reading in class or a first-week community building activity, these cards are great. 182 more words


Present Progressive Go Fish

As a language teacher, I’m always trying to find ways for my students to practice English in an interactive and interesting way. This activity is a card game which gets students to practice asking questions in the present progressive. 26 more words