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The Question of Identity: Some Preliminary Observations

Is a language possible in which the well-formed sentence eschews a subject? Linguists, I think, categorize languages in one way by the manner in which the basic sentence structure orders three components: subject, verb, and object. 846 more words


A Linguistic Analysis of #PronouncingThingsIncorrectly

One of the really cool things about the internet is that it’s a great medium to observe linguistic innovations. A lot of examples of linguistic play that would  have been pretty ephemeral are now safely recorded and shared. 957 more words


Pragmatic Grammar

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1. Wild Grammar; 2. Combinatorial Grammar; 3. Pragmatic Grammar

In a famous 1966 paper, Keith S. 3,497 more words


#LanguageGames Projects by @EssexLang_Ling Students - our Previous Studies on #LanguageDevelopment & #ChildDirectedSpeech

In this year’s second meeting of the Essex Language Games Club,
I talked about some of the language-games-based projects that have been carried out by students in the… 142 more words

Child Language

#LanguageGames, #ChildDirectedSpeech, #SLT & #parenting on @Pintrest

We now collect information about language games and language support activities on Pintrest and you can follow us when we post interesting things that we find online: 282 more words

Child Language

Language Partnership Tricks


The words on every mercenary’s lips.  No longer just for career hitmen in bad movies, those picking up a new language can learn from this ideology as well.   1,122 more words

Language Learning

English Tongue Twisters

Ready to have some fun with the sound of words?

The students need to have got to grips with the majority of the words and sounds to have fun with this game.  211 more words