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Are Resumes Ever True?

Dear Daughters,

Life would be simpler if the questions it poses were all true-or-false, like the quizzes your first grade teacher used to give you. (True or false: the picture above is of our dog, Leo … ) 804 more words


Preschool Latin materials: Go Fish 

Preschool Latin materials is a series in which I discuss various materials, activities, and games that I have used with my preschool age daughter to practice Latin. 596 more words

Latin Language

Critical Postmodern Readings, Part 4: Derrida

This series hasn’t been as rough as I’ve expected this far. The first few parts showed some of the classic postmodernists to be clearer and more prescient than many give them credit for. 981 more words



Philosopher Sandy Grant in Aeon on Wittgenstein and his language-games:

How playing Wittgensteinian language-games can set us free

We live out our lives amid a world of language, in which we use words to do things. 513 more words

Philosophy Of Pain

Wittgenstein’s Blue Book

In this, our first encounter, I ask you to question everything that I am going to say. To do that, please imagine yourself as bodyless, odorless, timeless, and just be explanandum. 1,520 more words


Color Cards Discussion

This is a great activity that can be adapted for many different discussions. Whether it’s a discussion about a book students are reading in class or a first-week community building activity, these cards are great. 182 more words