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My Top Games and Activities as a British Council Assistant in Italy

In light of my final week working as an English language teaching assistant I thought I would put together all the useful activities for teaching English I have picked up along the way. 1,673 more words

Year Abroad Italy

Language games

Dtcwee unearths an excellent summary video of the work of Wittgenstein:


Latin Course

On my Latin Page I have updated it with all the resources you need for a complete Latin program.  That is four years of Latin study, the end of which is a fair amount of proficiency in reading Latin. 230 more words


Loneliness and Philosophy

First of all, this is not an article which explains how to deal with loneliness. Honestly, I don’t know how to deal with it. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it doesn’t. 423 more words


English for Toddlers

At two children will not be interested in concepts such as days of the week, or even numbers and colours or the alphabet, as these are too abstract.   208 more words

English Play

G is for Grammar

“Theology as grammar.”

Wittgenstein suggests this, parenthetically, in the Philosophical Investigations S373. In Wittgenstein’s work, grammar is a big thing: he asks us to distinguish between the surface grammar of a remark – perhaps we could say the linguistic grammar, or the rules governing the way a word can be used in language – and the depth grammar, the way in which a word can coherently be used. 585 more words

G is for Games

Games, especially the idea that the ways we speak can be regarded as language games, are key to many of the ideas in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations… 803 more words