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Do you ever watch people playing poker and wonder how they manage to pull off that perfect poker face, leaving you to wonder if they’re in a position to negotiate, or if they have a hand full of 2’s?   746 more words

Language Learning

Journal of my journey towards understanding: Wittgenstein 1: Philosophical literature at its best

Wittgenstein’s “Philosophical Investigations” is philosophy literature at its best in my opinion.

One of the greatest features of philosophy is that it takes something we have grown familiar with, think is simple, think we have explained and so finished with; it takes this and explodes it into a complex, unfamiliar, mysterious (because it is unexplained) terrain full of mountains and valleys before which we can stand in awe. 182 more words


L is for Language-Games

‘Language-games’ is Wittgenstein’s much used, much abused, much debated term which tries to capture something about his view of how language works: as something rule-guided, something inherently social, and something particular to specific contexts and communities. 645 more words

Picarissimo Pinocchio

The Adventures of Pinocchio novel in a Italian tautogram

Peppino, piantando pialla per prendere punteruolo, per professione plasmava pezzi porosi. Portava per pseudonimo Polendina, perché possedeva parrucca paglierina: pareva proprio padana pietanza! 653 more words

Language Games

Cappuccetto Carminio

The Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale in a Italian tautogram

«Cappuccetto, calamità! Consuocera convalescente! Compi cortesia: cogli cestino contenente carote. Confortandola, consegnagliele. Cautela: campo circostante casa, colmo carogne! 176 more words

Language Games

L is for Language

Language is, in some ways, central to everything I do. Writing a blog uses language, for starters (especially as, unlike some bloggers whose work I see regularly, I don’t usually post photographs or videos). 465 more words

My Top Games and Activities as a British Council Assistant in Italy

In light of my final week working as an English language teaching assistant I thought I would put together all the useful activities for teaching English I have picked up along the way. 1,673 more words

Year Abroad Italy