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Nah… how would that make any sense? And it’s not acronym or anything such either. ;)

So what’s concordance? Concordance is polysemous; however, in this case, let me show you what concordance is.

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English Language Proficiency Assessment

Brief Review On…


1) Norizan Abdul Razak

2) Hazita Azman

3) Sallehuddin Abdul Aziz

4) Wong Fook Fei

5) Afendi Hamat… 163 more words

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CMC is... (raise your hand, anyone?)

Cluster Munition Coalition? Certified Management Consultant? Civic Malaysia Club? Commercial Metals Company?  I guess if you’re thinking about any of those, this is not the right space (but it’s my honor if you stay :)). 221 more words

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Looking For Your Perfect Match?

Ha! Did you think I was promoting match-making service? :D

If it caught your attention, it works.  Otherwise, I should work on my auditing skill. 105 more words

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So we're NETSPEAKing...

OMG, someone actually pingback this very blog!

Who would’ve thought, ey?

FYI, the author was “sitting on the fence” between FB and Twitter so he used my blog s n example to clarify his tendency; clarifying the pros and the cons. 734 more words

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TWITTER vs FACEBOOK... want to bet?

Let the game begin!

Twitter.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Facebook.

Do you have a hard time to choose?  I doubt.  Surely most of you have more than one social network account. 1,003 more words

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