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ASHA 2018

The American Speech, Language, Hearing Association annual convention is coming up this November in Boston, MA. There are a bunch of seminars, technical talks, and posters focused on bilingualism throughout the day of the convention. 10 more words


Another insight into the stress of living with autism, from a very thoughtful article

While science is making rapid progress in the field of autism research, it is a sad fact that community awareness remains as it was 20 years ago. 127 more words

Penny Mordaunt reveals 26 charities in the UK have reported recent and historical incidents, covering the “full spectrum”, where people had been harmed or were at risk of harm.

This is the fear we all live with, especially if our child is non-verbal or has poor language skills.

“Allegations of sexual abuse of children and rape of volunteers abroad are among the 80 serious safeguarding incidents reported to the Charity Commission by aid organisations since the Oxfam scandal broke, it has emerged.”
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Canadian family denied basic therapy for their severely autistic daughter

This is a shocking situation.  We give two links to this story – one from 2016,  and one from this month, February 2018. The little girl still has not been given access to speech therapy. 118 more words

Children with autism experience higher levels of anxiety than children who do not have ASD.

“Children with autism fear the unknown and react negatively when faced with unpredictable situations — even more so than other children, according to unpublished results presented today at the 
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Hate crime legislation and the disabled in the UK.

Isn’t it time we did something similar in Australia? Cyber bullying has caused too much heartbreak, and in extreme circumstances leads to suicide.

Inquiry into online abuse of disabled people, following Katie Price petition, My Disability Matters, UK, February , 2018

Working with children who have language impairment: Don't forget the "glue"

While acquiring language, children show a tendency to use function words with a very high frequency compared to content words. These high frequency words are referred to as core vocabulary words, a term frequently used in AAC. 357 more words

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