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Put an end to perfectionism


Welcome back to Extend your English! In this blog post, we’re talking about perfectionism, and how it can block language learning.

Many people think of… 500 more words

Language Learning Tips

Dictionary Woes

After receiving a bag of oranges from his new neighbor, the laowai thinks to himself, “I need to look up how to say ‘kind,’ so I can comment on his generosity.” And so he types in the word “Kind” into his smartphone dictionary, and turning to his neighbor says “你很種.” Slightly insulted, his neighbor goes back inside and weighs herself on the scale. 504 more words

General Polyglotism

How to integrate English into your life


Welcome back to Extend Your English. Today’s blog post is all about practical strategies for building English learning into your life.

If you’re learning English in an English-speaking country, there are opportunities everywhere to extend your vocabulary, fluency and confidence. 501 more words

Language Learning Tips

Top tips for language learning


Hi, I’m Samantha from Extend Your English. Today’s blog post is all about some tips to speed up your language learning.

I’ve worked as a language teacher for many years – but I have also spent years learning Italian, and now French. 667 more words

Language Learning Tips

Google at your Convenience 

If needing to know a sentence pattern, feel free to Google it really quick on your phone if you are out and about.

I forgot about I could do that until just now when I wanted to text someone an “If…then statement” in Japanese.

Language Learning Tips

Improve your English... with us


Hello from New Zealand!

I’m Samantha, one of the founders of Extend Your English – and I’d like to welcome you to our website. 518 more words

Language Learning Tips

How I Study Italian: Updated for 2016

“…the thirtysomething student copied vocabi italiani (Italian words derived from Latin) into his notebooks, filling page after page of the Codex Trivulzianus, his earliest manuscript, which he referred to as “my book of words.” Even as Leonardo neared age forty, he was still working at conjugations, copying “

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