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Making Sense of "Bikago"

If you’re learning Japanese, you’ve no doubt come across the honorific “o” and “go” prefixes attached to certain words. But how, exactly, are they used – or are there any hard rules governing their usage at all? 823 more words

Language Learning Tips


Most people who start learning a foreign language need help. And although in today’s world that help may take many forms, traditional methods still prove to be the most effective. 291 more words


One month check-in: Moving from novice to intermediate

I started this project a little over a month ago (February 4th).  It’s now March 9th (33 days in, to be exact), and I’d like to take stock of what I can do at this point. 828 more words

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A Hands-On Lesson: Using "te" metaphorically in Japanese

Get a hand-le on your language studies! JCMU Japanese language instructor Ayumi Nagatomi, would like to introduce to you metaphorical uses for the word 手 (hand), exploring a new dictionary written by Dr. 352 more words

Language Learning Tips

Vocabulary Thresholds

How many vocab words do you need to know to “know” a language?

The answer is different for every language, and the answer is different depending on how you define “know” and “word.” 640 more words


Making the most of online language exchange

The internet can be a great tool to advance your language learning progress. I’ve seen my fluency and confidence sky rocket through real life interactions with native speakers online. 534 more words

Language Learning Tips

So many teach-yourself sites out there

Rosetta Stone.  Pimsleur.  Duolingo.  LingQ.  FluentU.  FutureLearn.  Which one works?  Which one is worth paying for?

The best answer, of course, is all/none of the above; no language-learning site or book can actually teach you everything you need to know about a language to go beyond the basic novice level.    211 more words

Language-learning Tips