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Right on Target: Japanese phrases originating from kyudo

Many of you may have heard about some martial arts such as judo, kendo and karate. How about kyudo, the art of bow and arrow? 606 more words

Language Learning Tips

Phonetic Symbols

Though English has 26 letters in its alphabet, there are 44 sounds.
The sounds are divided into:
Vowels- a; e;i;o;u.
Consonants- The rest of the alphabet. 39 more words

Language Learning Tips

Idioms and idiomatic expressions

Idioms and idiomatic expressions are an important part of learning English and they are fun as well :)
Though it is hard, well most of the time for most Beginner students to understand idioms, nevertheless knowing an idiom or two, maybe three, ‘spices’ up your speech :) 40 more words

Language Learning Tips

An introduction to IELTS

IELTS is an English -language testing system, designed to test students in the four levels of language learning: Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing.

Students undertake the IELTS exams to obtain a bandscore , to enable them to study or work in an English-speaking country. 91 more words

Language Learning Tips

Short and long vowel sounds

In English , the pronouncing of vowels is absolutely essential for comprehension.
In English ,we can further divide the 5 vowels : a ;e;i;o;u into short and long sounds.

Language Learning Tips

To Mono, or Not to Mono: "Mono" as more than a tangible object

You may already know that “tangible thing” in Japanese is “mono.” However, there are far more uses for “mono” than just this! 438 more words

Language Learning Tips