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Practice Paralysis

So this week we have had a junior school French exchange student here, staying with us as part of a fabulous school initiative, only the problem is that I don’t really speak much French and the 10 year old girl, G does not speak much German yet either, or English. 1,120 more words


Become an au pair: How to improve your language skills and what to look out for! PART 2

Hey, again! If you’re looking for a practical guide on how to prepare for an aupair interview, check out PART I of this article. I’m planning to give you a more language-focused insight in today’s blog entry. 1,329 more words

Language Improvement

Get Speaking: How to Rid Yourself of New-language Nervousness

So let’s say you’re learning German. Your notebook is filled with scribbles, new words, and all manner of verb forms. You’re feeling good. You’re starting to think you might be… 585 more words

Language Learning

How to Gain Language Confidence

One thing I noticed while studying abroad was the vast difference in people’s abilities. Some people were excellent at speaking, but terrible at reading. Others could write kanji like pros, but couldn’t string a sentence together. 613 more words

Language Learning

Three Terrifically Simple Tactics to take the Terror out of Telephoning

These days when you get a call, you can normally see at a glance either who is calling or at least whether the person is calling from outside your country. 598 more words

Language Learning Tips

How I Study Italian

My mom tried to get me to sew or craft like her, but it never took. Neither did cooking. I prefered the quieter interests, and could always be found with a book in my hands. 1,356 more words


16 Days Left!

16 more days until I’ll be in Argentina! Today’s entry is going to be a bit short because I’m on vacation, but I encourage those of you who haven’t already, to go read my previous countdown entries for more travel tips and language learning lessons. 277 more words