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How to learn Spanish quickly?

A language is not just a bunch of words together with rules of putting those words together. A language is another world. And learning a new language gives you a chance to get access to another culture, lifestyle, history of another country much easier. 278 more words

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Becoming good with "ii": Understanding the differences between good/bad and ii/warui

When learning and/or listening to Japanese, you’ve no doubt come across the terms ii (いい) and warui (わるい). While it may seem like they can be translated to being “good” and “bad” in English, JCMU Japanese language instructor Keiko Melville wants you to know that this isn’t always the case! 581 more words


Avoid unnatural Japanese - Don't blindly accept Google Translate results!

Online translation tools can be really helpful while learning Japanese – but don’t rely on them too much! Ayumi Nagatomi, one of JCMU’s Japanese language instructors in Hikone, discusses why over-reliance on these resources can lead to students producing very unnatural Japanese. 592 more words

Language Learning Tips

3 Fun Ways to Learn a Language

In my new video I’m sharing my top 3 tips to make language learning a bit more exciting and colourful, and to help you memorise vocabulary and grammar easier. 25 more words


But... ga!: Understanding how to use the particle "ga"

Japanese particles can be really confusing for non-native speakers – and often times the more you learn, the harder they become to figure out! Minoru Aizawa, JCMU’s Japanese Language Coordinator in Hikone, talks about the Japanese particle  354 more words

Language Learning Tips

Similar to Thanksgiving in the U.S.? - New Year's in Japan

Thanksgiving passed just a couple of weeks ago, and Christmas is just around the corner. While these holidays are also celebrated in Japan, New Year’s is the largest holiday of the season for most Japanese people! 558 more words

Language Learning Tips

Writing E-mails in Japanese

Ever wonder about what etiquette to follow while writing an e-mail to a Japanese person? Ayumi Nagatomi, one of JCMU’s Japanese language instructors in Hikone, discusses quick tips on the “do”s and “don’t”s of composing messages in Japanese. 226 more words

Language Learning Tips