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Experiencing Japan the "Write" Way - Preparing for JCMU by Learning Hiragana and Katakana

You don’t need to be fluent in Japanese to get around in Japan, but a basic understanding of the writing system sure helps! JCMU Japanese language instructor Nagatomi-sensei discusses the importance of learning… 359 more words

Language Learning Tips

Usagi's Hiragana & Katakana Drag-n-Drop Game

Usgai’s Hiragana Drag-n-Drop Game is a simple way to quiz yourself on your hiragana knowledge. Simply click on the hiragana with your mouse and drag it into the correct sound space. 151 more words

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Go Forth and Conjugate!

When some people think of verb conjugations, they get a little nervous. All of those endings, the spelling changes, the irregulars… English, if it’s your native language, seems so much simpler. 931 more words

Language Learning Tips

Learning Vocabulary

(Image source: pixabay.com) Learning vocabulary is obviously an important part of learning a language. In some ways, it’s also the most boring part, because it really just comes down to memorization. 957 more words

Language Learning Tips

Are we fluent yet? Taking the Zen Road to language learning.

(Image Source: pixabay.com) Let’s just get this out of the way right now, learning a language takes, well, a while.  If you put yourself into the proverbial language learning car and after 5 minutes ask, “are we fluent yet?” I can tell you right now, this is going to be a long and arduous trip.  565 more words

Language Learning Tips

“Fast, Easy, Fun and Free!”

If you’re like many of us, you have a foreign language story. More often than not, it’s an unsuccessful experience in high school or college that left you with a few words of French or Spanish, and the depressing feeling that you were the problem. 870 more words

Language Learning Tips

How to approach memorization in language learning

As JCMU English Language Instructor Chris Garth showed in his last blog, memorization can be an effective language-learning method when used correctly. However, memorization alone isn’t enough! 1,298 more words

Language Learning Tips