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Multilingual flashcard: Fossil

Fossil in 10 languages with another multilingual flashcard. How is your language learning journey going?

Fossil comes from the Latin ‘fossilis’ meaning ‘obtained by digging’ and are the preserved remains or traces of animals or plants. 98 more words

Language Learning

English for parents - leave it alone

You know toddlers, those little darlings aged 2-3 years old, who love to prod, poke, touch, thump and lick everything, put it in their mouths and, sometimes, spit it out again. 95 more words

English As A Foreign Language

Vienna: Day 2 and 3

Day 2 in Vienna turned out to be a little unexpected. It turns out it is a public holiday here which meant I didn’t have to go into school. 1,083 more words


The Top 2 Killers of Language Learning

Languages, like math, are a subject many adults struggle with. It seems you either have the gift or you don’t. Luckily many people have written about unconventional methods to learn languages effectively, like… 314 more words

Chaucer's Language (Notes:3)

When we talk of Chaucer’s languages, we must talk about it in a more abstract sense; Chaucer, after all, was someone who knew—fluently—several different languages and was a well-educated man, someone who lived in London, a center for people with varying understandings of what it means to speak English (this is the time of regional dialects, after all, and Chaucer blends together these dialects when speaking and writing). 835 more words

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Multilingual flashcard: Beach

Beach in 10 languages with another multilingual flashcard.

Are you spending any time at the beach this summer?

Pretty much my favourite place…it might be a toss-up between a beach and a library at times, but I think the beach has the edge. 62 more words

Language Learning

Notes Introduction


I am going to start posting some of my many notes here for you to read.

This will, I hope, be a series.

These are normally around 100-300 word long things that I write for research, to remember or just writing about different topics. 38 more words

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