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Here’s What I Found in “Final Fantasy X” to Challenge Your French

I remember in 2003 I got back from the UK (I was doing one month language course there… Those were the days… In fact, that’s where and when I picked up the bits and pieces of British accent, but I opted for the American one later on in life. 1,240 more words


The English Teacher becomes a Japanese Student

In the past two years and five months, I’ve taught thousands of students. I’ve watched some of them grow and mature. Others I’ve only met a handful of times. 503 more words


10 Ways to use a Bullet Journal to aid Language Learning

I have been using a bullet journal for a while now and decided to tailor it to be an aid for my language learning. A language journal is simply a notebook where you can write down language stuff that you need to remember!  485 more words

Language Learning

International Mother Language Day: Why is it important?

On the occasion of this Day, I launch an appeal for the potential of multilingual education to be acknowledged everywhere, in education and administrative systems, in cultural expressions and the media, cyberspace and trade.

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"Laro" - Autotelic

“Laro” / “Play”

Puso natin ay patintero* sa ulan / Our hearts are playing “patintero” in the rain
Pagsasama natin ay tagu-taguan / Our relationship is hide-and-seek… 316 more words

"Masilayan" - Lunar Lights

“Masilayan” / “To Catch A Glimpse”

Sa paglubog ng ‘yong liwanag / At the setting of your brightness
Ikaw ang laging hinahanap / You are the one [I] always look for… 396 more words

"Baliktanaw" - Karylle

“Baliktanaw” / “Reminisce”

Bawat tag-araw ay magbabalik tanaw / Every summer, I will reminisce
Mga tawa natin na naipon sa’king ala-ala / At all our laughter I saved in my memories… 231 more words