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God Morgon

Jag äter Frukost

Jag äter bröd, tomat och ägg. Jag dricker te och mjölk och socker.

Jag läser en tidning.


How to Speak Spanish Like a Native

You’ve probably figured out by now that truly mastering a second language is difficult. It takes time, patience, and dedication.

However, if you ever visit Spain and want to blend in flawlessly… 367 more words



Story Time!

We were an hour into our train ride to Beijing when we made a stop. I ended my turn and passed the laptop I was holding to one of my classmates, L, across the empty seat between us. 813 more words

Learn Japanese, Day #4

Things I learned:

Aa, sou desu ne (yeah, that’s right / about that …)

densha no naka de (inside the train)

ira ira (an  onomatope for when someone is angry) 101 more words

Language Learning

Learn Japanese Day #3

Learning duration: 10 minutes

Things I learned:

kirai (don’t like)

kirai na tokoru (something I don’t like?)

eee, nan darou (umm let me think – or something to that effect) 167 more words

Language Learning

Practical tips for learning Somali in Minnesota, Part 1

Languages don’t require a book to learn. They only require a community. Books help when you don’t have people around, but when you meet people who speak your language, make the most of the encounter. 27 more words

Language Learning

Chinese Character: 米 mǐ “rice” (Kangix Radical 119)

竹 ☜ ⑥ Kangxi Radical 119: 米 mǐ “rice” ☞ 糸 I’m not really sure if that picture makes really sense with regards to actual rice farming. 35 more words

Language Learning