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Original ESL Instruction

Original ESL instruction in Vietnam – what to say to American visitors circa 1968. Apparently part of a manual for Northern Vietnamese troops.

Rough phonetic transcription and translation. 44 more words

Language Learning

Street Vietnamese

I’m currently writing a ‘Street Vietnamese’ language guide. It will be filled with, expletives, everyday expressions, slang, and all the other things not taught in any available textbook. 55 more words

Language Learning

Tina Learns Italian: #Add1Challenge Completed!

The #Add1Challenge Goal: Have a 15 minute conversation entirely in your target language after 90 days of study.

I did it! Actually, I had a roughly 30 minute conversation completely in Italian – though by minute 20 my brain was pretty fried. 127 more words

How To Cram For An OPI and Other Impossible Tasks

So it’s official: my Oral Proficiency Interview in Arabic is in exactly 3 days. If you don’t know what an OPI is, imagine someone speaking at you in rapid-fire Arabic (or any language of your choice) and having to come up with grammatically pristine responses in a native-speaker amount of time. 555 more words


Aisha- part 1

We had seen each other before. Most mornings I passed her by on my way to school. She and a friend would sit on a concrete bench under a tree. 362 more words

North Africa

A to Z 2016 -- Zone de Confort

Bonjour mes chers lecteurs ! Bienvenue sur le site “Forty, C’est Fantastique.” Qu’est-ce que c’est ? De quoi s’agit-il ? Alors, c’est mon voyage vers la langue française. 942 more words

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Tina Learns Italian: To Boldly Go to Day 60

Space, l’ultima frontiera!

When Assignment #3 (make a short, fun video in your target language) of the #Add1Challenge was given, I was excited for the chance to nerd out a bit. 212 more words