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DELF exam

Hey everyone,

I got my marks back about a week ago from my DELF exam that I took in June. Looking back now, I probably should’ve taken A2 instead of A1 but luckily I can take it next year instead.  276 more words


Year in Review (2015-16), language

I think for every JET, not matter their ability, language is a great and consistent battle.

Even if you can speak well, kanji are a minefield. 580 more words

北京欢迎你 by Many Famous Chinese People

This was the song for the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing. I had a little bit of an obsession with it (and still do). It is a simple song to follow along with, you get to see the culture of China, and see who China considers to be famous in their country. 14 more words


Week 1: Barbecues, Yoga, and Forgotten Anniversaries

As I gaze out of my car window and lament the fact that I completely forgot my 14th month anniversary, I write this blog post. In the past year and two months, I have forgotten maybe once or twice other than this time. 694 more words

Language Learning

Language learning adventures

Adventures in language learning

I guess this blog sometimes focuses on the negative; how I feel down on myself, how I don’t feel I’ve achieved, how because I don’t earn much money I feel undervalued by society. 1,316 more words

When Facebook Meets Blended Learning in Language Teaching


In this globalization era, the role of ICT has significantly enhanced. It has become an impoertant factor in almost every field in our life including the education field. 2,043 more words

Blended Learning

4 Ads for Your 4th

Here are 4 new advertisements in honor of the 4th of July. The first one actually commemorates the 4th. The others actually don’t. But it’s not July 1, so I needed 4 of them. 226 more words

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