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Review: Simon Bolivar Language School

There is a Spanish language school that is two minutes walking from the main square of new town Quito. This is the place where there are a lot of restaurants and a lot of life in this part of town. 738 more words


How I Learn My Second Language

Before I say anything, I want to disclaim that, I, myself, am not a proficient second language speaker. Though, it is enough for daily life communication. 553 more words

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Learning Korean

I’ve been learning Korean on and off since 2013. At the time I was living in New Mexico, and there weren’t many opportunities to attend a Korean language school, since there were none in the state. 1,370 more words


24 Hauts-de-France Instagram Accounts I Follow

Since I waste so much time on Instagram, I decided to unleash the power of procrastination to learn French and to acquaint myself with the north of France by following accounts from the region. 309 more words

How I Learn Languages

Oh the nosiness! (Why I'm into foreign languages Pt 2.)

So I promised a part 2 of why I’m interested in languages. Before I had explained that I had a couple of bad experiences with name calling in Spanish, and that initially prompted my interest in… 300 more words

Language Learning

From ABC to あいうえお

By Kyle Smith

Let me preface this by saying I am awful at Japanese. I’m the guy who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know in a conversation, and just says hai and hopes it moves the conversation along. 764 more words

How to Study Abroad in a Place Where You Don't Speak the Language

You may be intimidated to study in countries where your native language isn’t spoken. But don’t let that stop you! ISEP student Anne, an English major from… 442 more words

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