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I have been in the mood to read books lately. This semester at college has had minimal work, so I have had time to get back into reading. 331 more words


a day in the life [of a language learner]

Written February 9, 2017

I tiptoe across the kitchen floor to look out the window. Though I see it every morning, I never tire of looking out onto a landscape of thick jungle with clouds of fog drifting slowly along the valley below. 389 more words


Is learning a language like building a house?

One of the metaphors I hear most often, is that language learning is like building a house. Your words are the bricks and the grammar is the mortar holding it all together nicely. 763 more words


3 Tips to Learn a Language More Quickly and Effectively

Do you want to learn a new language but don’t have much free time? This is one of the most common issues facing language students, especially working adults. 692 more words

Multilingual flashcard: Happy Mother's Day!

For everyone in the UK, today is Mothering Sunday. Say ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ in 10 languages.

Language Learning

Velvet and Whips

French feels like velvet in my mouth.

L’anglais se sent comme le claquement d’un fouet.

I wasn’t raised with around a variety of languages; that is most Australians have completed at least a small class on German or French while in primary school, or a segment in High School if you were lucky enough to attend a well-funded school. 515 more words

Language Learning