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And our contestant is...

Dating a Vietnamese woman is like being a contestant in a game show.

A game show you have never watched before and for which you only have the vaguest of notions regarding the rules. 291 more words


Personal Pronouns: First Vocabulary Words

Here is a quick tip when you are just starting to learn a new language. The first things that I recommend learning are personal pronouns. In English, these are: I, You, He, She, it, We, they… 85 more words

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The Firebirds

Deadman, Ron

_Europress by permission of Macmillan / 1985

English /

Near Fine / Paperback / (#PE0774) / image

A near fine paperback.

32p. 14x21cm.

€ 25.00

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The Diamond Smuggler

Newland, Michael

_Europress by permission of Macmillan / 1985

English / ISBN: 9780333169346

Near Fine / Paperback / (#PE0773) / image

A near fine paperback with small bump back cover. 8 more words

Old Books

Sitting at the cool kids' table

All The Cool Words Your Spanish Teacher Never Taught You 92 more words


te-shimatta "I couldn't help myself"

One more point on the Mayor who promised to build the ‘spamusement’ onsen amusement park if their video hit 1 million views— the phrase that got picked up by the news is a handy pattern that shows up pretty often: “yatte shimatta” (top right of image) 168 more words

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Publication of Multilingual Matters' First Open Access Book: A Milestone for Pronunciation Assessment

This month we are publishing our first open access title, Second Language Pronunciation Assessment, edited by Talia Isaacs and Pavel Trofimovich. In this post, Talia tell us about her experiences of researching the once unfashionable topic of pronunciation as well as the importance of open access publishing. 963 more words