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One week of Russian - how much can you learn?


One week of intensive Russian learning (starting from scratch) was a lot of fun! I spent about 35 hours with Larisa, teacher at the Volkshochschule of Hamburg, and my class of 15 students. 259 more words



I was talking to my students yesterday about savantism, mostly the extreme sort where individuals graft extreme ability onto severe impairment.  There are those who have extraordinary memory (like Kim Peek, the inspiration for the movie Rain Man), those who have extraordinary musical or artistic talent (Stephen Wiltshire, for instance, who can draw hugely detailed panoramas of cities to scale after a short tour in a helicopter) and those who can calculate calendars for thousands of years into the future and past at the blink of an eye. 270 more words

Defining words in Biblical Hebrew

I monitor a Facebook group called Hebrew Learn E-Vreet.  It’s always good when members participate.  We had one member talk about the meaning of El-Shaddai.  Well, there have been many discussions on this name of God by many scholars and rabbis for hundreds of years. 310 more words

La palabra de la semana: el éxito


Apologies for the long break, which was precisely my inspiration for this week´s Spanish word, éxito, success.

This is the infographic I prepared for this week´s word… 8 more words


My Language Learning Goals for 2016

Although it’s technically not New Year anymore,I thought it would still be good to set out my language learning goals for 2016.

Normally I’m not one for writing down my goals or aims. 720 more words


Vacations are good

After a quick, staycation plus a couple of days at the coast, we’re back at the wheelhouse here. What a fun time it has been! While the roller coasters have been exciting, the stock market and the political scene have been a constant, wearying round of ups and downs. 624 more words