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Four Little Birds: Weeks 39-40

Just a flash update today…

Hawaiian (8h)

We recently had to recall a Hawaiian folk tale that we read in class together last week, and then retell it in our own words from memory – all in Hawaiian! 206 more words

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Taking Spanish Courses Is Escalofriante/Scary

Full disclosure: I had to WordReference the Spanish word for scary for my title. 

As I described in my latest blogpost, I mentioned how right at the end of summer I decided that I NEEDED to get my trilingual certificate because I have major FOMO and I have graduation goggles on, so I want to make sure that I get as much out of my Glendon experience as possible… 359 more words


Japanese Practice: Manga #5 - Photos

Source: 竹田家のしいたけ (Family Takeda’s Shiitake Mushroom)

おばあさんの = おばあさん (grandmother, formal) + -の (of, one’s) = grandmother’s, … of grandmother

写真も = 写真 (しゃしん, photo, picture) + -も (too, also) 54 more words


Nurturing the Developing Brain Through Science

If you want a country to thrive, you have to educate its children. This cause-and-effect equation has become a mantra of the Obama presidency; he’s used it to push for more investment in the school system, and held education out as the nugget of hope to fight off doomsayers. 658 more words


Top tips for improving your English

We asked a few of our colleagues for their personal tips for improving English language skills. Here they are:

English Learning Tips

How to use newspaper articles in language class | British Council

How should teachers use ‘authentic’ texts in class? Author, trainer and teacher Rachael Roberts gives valuable advice on the example of newspapers.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: …

12 more words

Hidden Gems: Songs in Spanish

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time to check out some new music!  Here are five great children’s albums to sample:

Aqui, Alla performed by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band… 203 more words