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Korean Practice: Webtoon #13 - Shall we go home?

Source: 소녀의 세계 (The World of a Girl)

(informal speech)

시간이 애매하다.

시간이 = 시간 (time) + -이 (subject making particle)

애매하다 = to be vague, uncertain, indefinite… 72 more words


5 Language Developments of Babies from Birth to 12 Months

One afternoon, I was carrying my baby nephew. I was walking him in the neighborhood. I was saying to him while pointing what we saw from the dogs, cars and our neighbors. 282 more words

Language Learning

Feature Language of the Week

The featured language of the week is Japanese (jpn).

Japanese is a Japonic language possibly of the Alatic family. It has 128, 056, 940 L1 speakers. 15 more words

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Listening Practice: Podcasts

In addition to my active speaking/writing skills, I want to improve my listening skills, too. My husband and I speak a little bit together, but I don’t want to subject him to even more of me asking, “Can you repeat that?” and “Can you say that a little more slowly?” and “What was that last word you said?” So I started looking for other ways to practice listening to Farsi. 302 more words


Korean Practice: Webtoon #11 - Are you sick??

A smartphone conversation between a couple (informal speech).

Source: 밥 먹고 갈래요? (Do you want to eat something before you go?)

이번주는 집에 오지마

이번주는 = 이 (this) + 번 (time) + 주 (week) + -는 (topic making particle) = this week, as for this week… 116 more words


数は邪悪だ (Numbers Are Evil)

(A quick heads-up: There’s a temporary schedule change coming up. Up to now, I’ve just about managed two posts a week, but with the trip looming and various other factors keeping me busy, I’ve decided that I’ll need to slow down to one a week for a while. 970 more words