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Bavarder / Confiance

An all-too-familiar challenge for many language learners is the early struggle of trying to bavarder (chat). We could all sit for hours debating the environment, immigration and political affairs, but throw us in a room with native French people and you’d find us stumbling over our words; our minds frantically flicking through mental vocab lists, trying to find the right thing to say while constantly racing to keep up with the fast-flowing conversation. 558 more words

Bilingual books

This weekend I am trying a big tiny language learning project called the Danish Weekend. I am focusing on Danish only all day long for two days. 229 more words

Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

Moving to a new country presents many challenges, not least of all is having to learn a foreign language. Even in countries where English is widely spoken, as a matter of courtesy you should at least make the effort to communicate with the locals in their native tongue. 1,455 more words


I didn’t realize how long it’s been since my last post. Almost 2 weeks!

Life has been pretty busy lately. For one thing, I just started a new job for the Summer like I mentioned in my last post. 627 more words

Language Learning

how to learn a language

i may do an updated version of this once i get father into learning Korean


  1. duolingo. duolingo is free and great for beginners , its actually what i’m using now (along with other things) 
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Word of the Week - Annaffiare

Spring time reminds us of birth and growth.

It’s always a fresh breath of air when we see the flowers in bloom, the bright leafy greens pop out on trees, and the evenings start to become longer. 69 more words

Italian Culture

How to Pronounce "Papaya"

This video shows how we must have learned to pronounce the word PAPAYA.

Pronouncing words (even the simplest) as little children learn how to talk is a challenging and an entertaining journey.  263 more words