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20 Random Things About Me

As a child of the MySpace era, I did lists like this all the time as a teenager. I haven’t done one in so long, so this is pretty nostalgic for me. 766 more words


FAQ Thursday: Are you fluent yet?

I’m attempting to answer some of your questions, or questions that I’ve had asked of me by others or perhaps questions I’ve perceived or felt were implied. 760 more words


WaniKani: A Japanese Learning Service (Review)

WaniKani is an excellent kanji learning service offered by Tofugu to help you learn Japanese more efficiently. Over the course of two years, you can learn how to read 2,000 kanji and 6,000 Japanese words. 260 more words


Translation: Agroecologia, saúde e mulher

Translated Portuguese-English (translation shown in bold). Please feel free to offer suggestions or corrections.



Agroecologia, saúde e mulher… 1,477 more words

Language Learning

"Premium Lifetime"

Weird for a title once again, huh? This time, it’s a no. But only for the reason that I finally got my price from the #90DaysWithDrops challenge launch on Instagram. 129 more words

Entries In English

Deutschland Dienstag: Top 3 Language Learning Aids

Want to know the difference between Nudeln and Kabelsalat?

(The first is “noodles”, the second can refer to “spaghetti” but is more often is used to describe messy computer, TV,  etc. 294 more words

Life In Germany

German Verb of the Week (No.3)


Bummeln describes strolling or sauntering (as well as dawdling) and it is excellent for three reasons:

  1. It describes a pleasant and serene activity
  2. It confirms the stereotype that German sounds ridiculous…
  3. 22 more words