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Song Thrush

A sweet morning… The small birds are singing, lambs bleating, cuckow calling, the thrush sings by fits, Thomas Ashburner’s axe is going quietly (without passion) in the orchard, hens are cackling, flies humming, the women talking together at their doors, plum and pear trees are in blossom – apple tree greenish.

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General Irrelevance

Linqapp, Which Lets You Get Real-Time Language Answers From Real People, Launches On iOS

The last time I enrolled in a Mandarin language program was back in 2007, light-years away in terms of technology. I considered myself lucky because I had a Besta CD-618 electronic dictionary and a weekly language partner to answer questions about slang and other words that weren’t in my (very dry) textbooks. 598 more words


ดี part 1: ดีมาก

5 May 2015, TV = 1163.5 hours

AUA: advanced class = 1153 hours, total class time = 2091 hours

Late last year: In a last-minute add-on to my trip, I decided that  instead of going straight back to Bangkok, I’d take a detour to Lamphun, a small city in the north that was the former capital of the ancient, pre-Thai Haripunchai empire (how mysterious!). 289 more words

Thai Language

April language log

For the beginning of April, I was still traveling through Argentina and Chile, and returned on the 8th, which gave my Spanish a large boost. Furthermore, I’m moving from NYC to Dallas, Texas this July, and I spent a week in Dallas apartment searching. 244 more words

Study Log

Parleremo & MyLanguages.org

Yesterday I discovered Parleremo.

It’s one more website,or better,a forum,for those who like learning languages. The subscription  is simple,yet quite secure,it’s fast and easy.The content is enough for the linguistic needs of a beginner . 78 more words

Beautiful World

Short and Sweet: Bitesized Japanese

It’s taken a while, some people would probably be amazed to know that I’m only realising it now, but binge studying Japanese is not the way to go… 466 more words


Deconstruct a French Word: Une

une | “oon” |  n. f. : one; front page (of a newspaper); “top headlines;” important

Une, yes, is the feminine form of the number one. 132 more words