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Why the US has let me down

I love my home. Truly, deeply, fondly. I have been so fortunate to have grown up in a kind, loving, supportive home.I have had endless opportunities afforded to me. 630 more words

Positives​ and negatives of language learning

Sophia G

Language is a tricky thing. On one hand, it is given to us freely; on the other, we really have no choice in the language that we are given. 528 more words

Little sentences in Icelandic #7

Use some verbs in Icelandic: að tala (to speak), að biða and að vænta (to wait).

Serious question: Is there any difference of meaning between the two following verbs að biða and að vænta? 164 more words

Language Learning

A Blog Post in French

Bonjour tout le monde! Bienvenue a mon blog!

Oui, ce ca. C’est le premier post que j’ecrive en francais. Tu sais quoi? Je suis super excitee parce que j’aime bien cette langue. 496 more words


A Very Short Introduction

This blog is the written equivalent of a stiff upper lip.

It’s a record of my efforts to acquire top-notch foreign language & product design skills on a tight — and dwindling — budget while doing underpaid & unfulfilling work to survive. 173 more words


2 weeks in........

And all is going pretty well so far (apart from the odd partial seizure here and there which then totally blanks my memory from anything that I have learnt that day). 387 more words

Sacrifice your talent for love

Don’t follow your love in order to feel good. Follow it so someone else can feel good. Let your talent become a lesson for love. When you learn languages for others, you do what comes naturally to you and bring joy to others. 656 more words