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Multilingual flashcard: Park

Day 40 of multilingual flashcards and thinking how lucky I am to live in the immediate vicinity of not one, not two, but three parks! Ten minutes drive to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty too. 47 more words

Language Learning

ᏩᎴᎷ ᎤᏂᏣᎩᏍᏗ, Kofuckv rakko

Crimson Beebalm / Horsemint – Monarda didyma / M. fistulosa

(William Banks also lists gows’vgí and gonsvdí as possible names as well)

Tsalagi ᏣᎳᎩ – ᏩᎴᎷ ᎤᏂᏣᎩᏍᏗ, wạlelụ ụnịtsạgisdi

Mvskoke – Kofuckv rakko

Folk Magic 365

5 Books, 4 Binders

We finished up our 5th round of classes at the Goethe Institut last week. I’m relieved and terrified. Relieved because we haven’t taken a break since last fall, and terrified because now I’m left to my own devices. 1,076 more words


Languages and the Big Wide World

One of the fantastic things about getting to do this blog and getting students (past and present) to write for it, is that you get a chance to find out more about the students, their motivation, their enthusiasm for languages… things you don’t always get a chance to explore in the classroom context with the focus on seminar preparation and participation and, inevitably, assessment. 412 more words

French At Stirling

10 ways learning Vietnamese is different than learning Slovenian

I have a confession: I’ve been flirting with Vietnamese.

2016 started out with a flurry of continued excitement about Slovene from 2015. This was going to be the year I passed the B2 exam in Ljubljana over Thanksgiving. 528 more words


Swedish Day 62: Entering Month 3

I’m terrible with math, but I’m pretty sure I under-counted a day somewhere along the line. It’s May 2 and March had 31 days and April had 30, so that should put me at 63 days of Swedish (I think? 591 more words


Swedish Resource Review: One Minute Swedish

One Minute Swedish is a product of Radio Lingua. Radio Lingua is a company that produces free podcasts and paid language learning tools. It has full seasons of language learning podcasts for French, Spanish, German, and Italian. 305 more words