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Keeping it Simple: tips for simplifying your language study routine

I’ve been experimenting with my study routine recently, and I’ve realised that it has become much easier to stick to my study plan now that I have made some changes. 1,084 more words

Japanese Language


저는 영하는입니다. 미국 사람입니다. 저는 학생이에요. 저는 말 한국 공부해요.

Well, believe it or not, I thought I would be able to say more than that lol. 195 more words


La langue française et moi : How I Aced My DELF A2 Test Without Courses

Alright, I admit that the title is really a click-bait. (It was not necessarily a lie though).

First of all, what is a DELF test? DELF is an acronym of  891 more words


Resources for Learning Romanian

Ahh, Romanian, the romance language everyone forgets exists (and most people don’t know that it’s a romance language). It has about 24-26 million speakers with official status in Romania, Moldova, Mount Athos (an area of Greece), Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and the European Union. 309 more words


6 tips for speaking English with a non-native speaker

While English is spoken by a large number of people here in Timor-Leste, the vast majority are, of course, not native English speakers. Here are some tips I’ve picked up from my first year living in a country where English  1,151 more words


[U1] Clozemaster HSK 1

  • 90% done with HSK 1 on Clozemaster

When I’m done with HSK 1, I will start HSK 2 and then start reading beginner dialogues. Most likely going to start with Chinesepod101 again.  181 more words


A Rwandan Grammar: The Abbreviated Edition

Per its abbreviated nature, this grammar does not seek to present an all-encompassing description of Rwandan’s rich inventory of forms and sounds. For instance, the great gap between highest high vowel and lowest low valley is left for later editions. 693 more words