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Corporate culture, corporate language

We talk about “corporate culture” by analogy with national culture. The idea is a simple one: just as countries like Japan, Germany, Canada and France have national cultures (ways of doing things, world-views, mentalities), so do organizations. 464 more words

Intercultural Communication

Confessions of an Expat - language learning on the road to nowhere

You must remember this: a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.

They say that a large percentage of communication is non-verbal. 851 more words

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Summertime Reveries

I cannot believe it is autumn already especially cause it felt like we only had a wisp of a summer this year around in Britain. None the less, I made the most of it by springing to the park with my toddler and picnic mat, every time Mr Sun out for a few hours, to do a spot of quick sunbathing before the ominous clouds loomed back in. 1,789 more words


GCSE German #005: Topics - Relationships (Beziehungen)

Monday’s back! Anyone else had a long day? If you’ve been at school, I feel you. It’s been a long day, for me at least! 1,021 more words



One website that I use daily to practice my Spanish is Memrise. It is a website that helps with learning all kinds of things, not just languages. 1,073 more words

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What’s the best age to learn a new language?

Most of us probably think that when it comes to language learning, starting at a young age is key.  But new studies are revealing that the best time for language learning… 588 more words