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Looking forward, looking back

Dear readers, looking at my blog’s home page you may be a little confused. Where in the world is Gabrielle now?

Well, I am safely home in Australia, which sadly means my Great French Adventure has come to an end. 97 more words


Keeping Track of New Vocabulary

I started creating a personal glossary when I was learning German and desperately trying to memorize long lists of vocabulary. It worked so well I decided to try it again. 122 more words


Chinese Practice: 你找死吗?

Today I learned these sentences in a dialogue:

Ni3 kan4kan wo3 de zi4xing2che1 dou1 cheng2 shen2me yang4 le!
Look at what happened to my bicycle! 220 more words


Writing Practice: Lesson 22

The following sentences are from Easy Persian Useful Drills, Lesson 22:

  1. I saw a tall man in the street yesterday.
  2. He didn’t see that short woman yesterday.
  3. 226 more words


SpeakIt! is a text-to-speech tool available as a Chrome extension.

Once you’ve added the extension, you can change the settings: the accent and gender of the speaking voice, the speed, and other options: 99 more words

Language Learning

Learn Languages with Duolingo

I’ll be honest, grade 11 French wasn’t my forte. At the tender age of 16 I had placed a cheat sheet on the ground beneath my desk for…nefarious purposes. 718 more words

General Interest

Why I'm Learning Persian

I have a fairly classic reason for learning Persian: my husband is from Iran. He has been speaking English since he was a child, so although I dabbled in learning words and phrases for a number of years after we met, I didn’t feel the urgency of learning Persian until I travelled to Iran to meet his family. 108 more words