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La lecture en langue étrangère

Je voulais tout d’abord préciser que ce poste n’est pas une critique du livre. Ce sont plutôt mes pensées concernant mon expérience avec la lecture d’un roman dans une de mes langues cibles. 679 more words

Apprendre Les Langues

Something Like Home #humanity #languages @duolingo

Dear friends and readers,

Duolingo is a learning platform I discovered when starting to learn Swedish. Learning languages with Duolingo is fun, I receive their newsletter, and this time they surprised me with the following documentary. 144 more words

Did You Know?

En Français, s'il vous plait 3

It feels like quite a while since I last got in a post about my ongoing journey to become fluent in my second language. So far, I’ve discussed the Duolingo language app, and an online program I’ve tried out, but I haven’t yet blogged about the thing that’s helped me make my biggest strides: my Meetup group… 705 more words

Learning how to learn

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I’ve never been specially good at any subjects when I was at school. Well, my grades in Calculus were pretty nice when I was at college, but that’s because I had learned the subject in high school, and I think that’s about it. 1,132 more words

Watch your language

My mother used to tell my brothers and I, “Watch your language”, whenever a word that came out of our mouths that was not helpful or something said that would not build up others.  344 more words


Ways to stay motivated in your Japanese studies

Learning Japanese (or any language) is a long journey, no matter what articles you read that promise fluency in 6 months.

Inevitably, there are going to be times along our journey when we lack the motivation to keep going. 1,080 more words

Language Learning

The pain of learning a language with a "learning disability"..... and mild ADHD / OCD.

I don’t know how many people will relate to this, but its a “daily” (when I am actually taking my languages seriously) struggle, attempting to self-teach while having a certified “Learning Disability.” For some reason, people try to sugar-coat that dyslexia and dyscalculia are not “learning disabilities,” in the way that people view Autism and ADHD to be a learning difficulty, although they are all in the same bracket. 693 more words