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Up and Back and Right on Track

Studying every. single. day.

Since my last post, inspired by Nick in Denmark and a colleague of mine who is on a 155-day Duolingo streak and is acing her Spanish class as a result, I have tried to establish what Duolingo calls a streak – that is, I have tried to study my Anki flash cards every single day. 177 more words


New Year's Challenge: Progress Report #011

Hey, guys! Long time no see, huh? Well, limited time left in Austria plus good weather means that I’ve actually spent a fair bit of time outside these past couple of weeks (and Amsterdam was amazing, but that trip really took it out of me) – but I’m back now and ready to get back on this blogging train. 546 more words

Language Learning

日本語 | Basic Particles を で に へ

A particle is a word which has a purpose in the grammar of a sentence, but isn’t categorised as a main part of speech. Examples of these in English are to, at, and of. 295 more words


Livin' the Dream

I spent almost 11 months working my butt off to make my dream of moving to San Salvador a reality. Five of those months were spent having meeting after meeting with friends, loved ones and even strangers inviting them to share in my dream and be a part of the imperative crew of people sending me to San Salvador. 1,214 more words


The first time I ordered shawarma in Arabic, I made sure to go by myself. I’d mentioned it before, as a joke, with a friend from class one night when we decided we desperately  930 more words


Enhancing Digital Literacies for Language Teaching and Learning

Enhancing Digital Literacies for Language Teaching and Learning is a project funded by Ireland’s National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning.  The project aims to develop a national framework of digital literacies for language learning and teaching in higher education. 160 more words

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Joined the world of Mac

Bought my first Macbook today. I already know that a newer version of the Macbook Pro is coming out this year but since this is my first Mac, I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a new OS that I might not like. 481 more words