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What is a podcast?

According to Wikipedia, “a podcast is an episodic series of digital media files which a user can set up so that new episodes are automatically  downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own computer or mobile phone”. 839 more words

I Banned Television in my House for a Year and What happened Surprised even me!

By Trisha Collins-Dunbar

So appalled by all the rubbish on television and the endless supply of celebrity this celebrity that,  reality TV shows that were so fake they were unreal and the fact when I come home from work I would just stare mindlessly at the television. 819 more words

Language Learning

5 Mistakes that Language Learners Make

As an avid language lover, learner, and teacher, I’ve seen many approaches to learning over the the years. I’ve also witnessed – and made – some key mistakes. 1,348 more words


A lot more preparation required

My wife loves to host people.  She is a great cook, and will often spend most of the day preparing a meal for our dinner guests. 805 more words


Multilingual Book Publishing


A company that offers books that easily translate across languages.  Primarily through e-readers or audio books, this company would allow individuals to adjust the language setting as often as they would like.   188 more words


Online language learning providers

The number of companies offering online language learning is going through something akin to an algal bloom. To borrow another metaphor, this time from the animal kingdom, perhaps it’s time to try to sort the sheep from the goats. 670 more words

Language Learning

What People Actually Understand

Why learning a language is harder than we think…