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For those learning French when vocabulary isn't enough

Whether we’re taking a French class, living in a French speaking country, or simply learning the language through an app, there comes a time when we wonder: How can I improve my understanding? 237 more words


Top 3 Free Naver Webtoons for Studying Korean

Reading webtoons has to be one of my favourite ways to study Korean. I mostly use them for light reading alongside heavier, more advanced novels. The vocabulary you get out of them is very different from that you would expect from a novel, because unlike novels, comics do not rely on lengthy descriptions to establish settings and describe actions. 914 more words


Competing for Knowledge

I just got a message on Conversation Exchange, that website I mentioned earlier.

“Hello John, I am a native Chinese speaker….”

Is this what it feels like to be a girl overlooking Tinder matches who all say the same thing? 759 more words


Improving My Korean Writing Skills via a Book Club

Writing is extremely important when it comes to language learning, because, like speaking, it is how you communicate with native speakers, and communication is kind of the whole point of acquiring a new language. 1,034 more words


How I Became Fluent in English through Text Roleplaying

If you don’t know what text roleplaying is, it is basically collaborative story-telling, where several people, each writing from the perspective of their own character, create a story together… 939 more words


#100DaysofCode: Where did I go wrong?

Days 2~5

My worst days of the week are Tuesdays, I have a FULL schedule on these days; that is ALL 6 periods spent enriching the minds of the next generation with short 10 minute breaks in between to catch my breath. 493 more words


Passive Vocabulary: The Last Hurdle to Achieving Fluency

Ever find yourself struggling to recall certain words in the middle of a conversation, even though you have no problem understanding those words when you encounter them elsewhere? 1,537 more words