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Hydrangea and it's language

Although Hydrangeas season is almost over, I would like to highlight this flower in a blog.
In Japan Hydrangea is closely connected to the rainy season in June because it flowers at this particular time of the year. 807 more words


The Language of Flowers

For the last few weeks, I’ve been posting poems that are tied to flowers, part of the self-entitled Language of Flowers series. These are poems that I wrote back in high school, as part of a project for my creative writing class. 565 more words


Red Carnation's Crying

Author’s note: The final poem in the Language of Flowers series

Picking at the petals of an asphodel in bloom,

Playing in the shallows of a life still full of lights. 148 more words

Creative Writing

The Black Rose March

Author’s note: Another in the Language of Flowers series.

I walk these empty halls

Like a shadow from a crack.

I knew that we were done… 106 more words

Creative Writing

the messenger

In the language of flowers, a Victorian fad akin to tweeting and texting, coded messages were exchanged by means of floral symbolism. Some were romantic, some more risqué. 174 more words


Coriander Sins

Author’s note: Another in the Language of Flowers series.

I did not think of him

When we stole away the night.

I did not think at all… 127 more words

Creative Writing

The Eglantine Rose's Lament

Author’s note: A poem I wrote in a series entitled The Language of Flowers.

I died a hundred times for you

But my love, he never knew… 104 more words

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