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Ravishing rhoddies

Did you know that in the Victorian era, when flowers were used to convey not-so-hidden meanings, the rhododendron symbolised danger? I really can’t imagine why, except perhaps the danger of being stung by a bee if you put your face too close to the rhoddies’ extravagant blossoms. 33 more words


BIANCA ELGAR is the *Platinum* A'Design Award Winner for 2017-2018 Winner in Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Category

I am delighted to be able to tell you all that I have won PLATINUM in the annual A’Design Awards for my Language of Flowers print collection! 233 more words

The Language of Flowers

In the Language of Flowers my grandmother would have been a cactus. If dour sprung from a turnip or burdock represented intractable, then her nosegay would have been composed of a prickly pear, a purple top and dock. 1,516 more words

The Language of Flowers

If you haven’t read the Enola Holmes mysteries you’re missing out. This isn’t really a review, but I do highly recommend them. Today I’m going to be focussing on one particular novel in the series called… 1,742 more words

Meta (Analysis)


When we come down from the temporary emotional high of an “in-love” experience, we start pursuing the “real-love” experience.

The “real love” experience unites reason and emotion. 240 more words


Lily Lore

GENUS:  Lilium
Many of the 200 species of lilies are native to the United States. Plant breeders have done extensive hybridization work on the lilies to make them hardy and free flowering. 792 more words


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This Morning On The Back Steps Sobbing Into Her Nightgown by pd Lyons

In the language of flowers

It meant good-bye with regrets

Left on the kitchen table

An emptied cup of coffee

half-eaten slice of toast

Hardly a hesitation… 66 more words