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Flower Fridays: Stock

Stock is such a boring name for a flower (though the species name, Matthiola incana is quite sing-songy). But I will forgive the flower-naming gods because stock is not boring at all. 407 more words

Flower Fridays

Floriography and the Language of Flowers

Floriography, often called the “language” of flowers is the practice of assigning specific meanings to different blossoms. We all know lilies are for funerals, roses for love, and carnations for the compost heap (kidding, well, sort of)- but floriography goes way past that. 278 more words

The Language of Flowers - Final Major Project

For my final major project I will be studying the Language of Flowers. After recently finishing the book by Vanessa Diffenbaugh I have found a new love. 231 more words


Poem Tryouts: The Language of Flowers

9: 49 a.m. — Atlanta

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Hello, all. It looks like Atlanta will continue to escape winter (a real winter). It also looks like the rest of the storm states are calming down some. 422 more words


Read Your Flowers

Giving flowers may be older than written history, but these language of flowers systems were an invention of Victorian gift book culture. There is no ‘ancient lore’ by which these flowers get these meanings, only the wisdom of some savvy marketing-to-tween-young-ladies booksellers in the 1800s. Courtesy of The Paris Review.

Critical Plant Studies

Why I Bought Myself Roses

Today during my lunch break I walked to the grocery store just across the street from my office. I passed the bakery and the cheese shop (and the made-to-order grilled cheeses) and where yesterday there was a medium-sized floral department, today there was a virtual garden. 293 more words

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Know what you're saying with those roses, this Valentine's Day

Interflora, for decades, has been using the advertising headline: “Say it with flowers”… and most of us never took them literally.

However, there are people who have enhanced perceptions, often through some kind of shamanic or spiritual practice, and they can hear the language of the flowers. 1,125 more words

St Valentine's Day