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The Stalking Challenge by raynotbradbury

“Teacher, teacher, tell us what hui means. We still don’t understand.”

“Tell me the sentence so I know what you’re talking about.”

“No sentence, just the word.” 122 more words

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Music around the globe

I’ve been thinking… there are so many songs I love, and in so many languages. Although choosing a favourite is not only a difficult task, nearly impossible even, I feel motivated to make a list of some of the most amazing songs in all the languages I know (and don’t know) to share with you. 209 more words


Made-in-Japan English! — The Memrise Blog

I’m not a learner of Japanese, but I found this post to be quite interesting. I thought I might share it. Enjoy!

The Japanese language has no hesitations when it comes to importing words from abroad, and why not?

45 more words
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TOP 7 Romanian Idioms

If idioms offer a unique insight into a language’s culture, wait until you read these Romanian ones!

Here are seven of our favourite Romanian idioms for you to read, so you don’t have to stare at someone “like a cat at a calendar” next time someone tells you one of these idioms! 295 more words

The Joy Of Languages

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As a Romanian, many of these idioms seem quite natural to me (my favs being the first two), among some not mentioned here :)) Still, there are several that I, at least, didn't get to hear very often, but it sure is funny when that does happen! Take a look and have a good laugh ^_^

10 things about learning languages I wish I'd known 10 years ago

I started learning languages as a serious hobby just over ten years ago. It started out as a slow and frustrating process, and I never truly believed that I would ever really be able to speak and understand any language as well as my native English. 1,224 more words

The Joy Of Languages

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For all people who need a little motivation to begin or continue learning a language ;) I find this article truly inspirational, and surely you will too!

Why Writing is like a Playtex Bra

‘It lifts and separates’ is a slogan that will be familiar to those of my generation – it was advertised as the chief virtue of the Playtex ‘cross-your-heart’ Bra. 1,033 more words


Which will be the next world language?

World languages are as old as the world itself. As far as history can remember, certain languages were used by different nations to communicate. In the past some notable auxiliary languages have been Latin, Greek, French, Persian and Arabic, which were each spoken across the vast empires that spread them. 966 more words

The Joy Of Languages

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